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Talking Mongoose Refused To Live As A Prisoner To Your Hidebound Taxonomy

"Gef—who spelled his name phonetically, 'because he didn't know how to spell,' Mr. Josiffe says—self-identified as a mongoose, but Mr. Josiffe has plenty of doubts. 'The whole thing about a talking mongoose is a red herring,' he says. Given the Irvings' descriptions, he says Gef was smaller than a mongoose, perhaps a weasel or a squirrel."


Songs: Ohia, "Back On Top"

You may have heard that Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia died this past weekend. A few years ago, Awl pal Tim Sutton filmed a video of Molina singing his song "Back On Top" in a backyard in Brooklyn. It's very sad, and very beautiful.


Die, Adorable Alpine Chipmunk, Die!

One of the cool things about the West and the Southwest is that lots of species get pooled and segregated into little genetic pools—at the top of isolated mountains, squirrels that once roamed and mingled now have been separated for ages, like the nine sub-species of Abert's squirrel. Now at Yosemite, the Alpine chipmunk is being forced to ascend uphill as well, into isolated genetic pods. Radical lesbian elitist climate change atheist publication Nature Climate Change reported the details on how "global warming" is forcing the squirrels ever upwards. Climb, chipmunks! Climb for your lives! (Picture: a detail from a photo by Miss Pudding.)


Squirrel Explicit

Here you will find a picture of a very happy squirrel. The "nuts" jokes are already provided, but feel free to make your own efforts if you like.


Squirrel Hugs Meerkat

Here you will find a picture of a squirrel hugging a meerkat. Awws all around.


If You Need To Get "Squirrel Testicles," "Facebook" And "French Bank" Into The Same Sentence It Is Your Lucky Day

"A French bank has been slammed after posting an image on Facebook of a squirrel with its testicles trapped in a bird feed stand." Sigh, yeah, there's a photo, but I mean, really?


Dog And Monkey Frolic About, Unencumbered By The Awkwardness That So Often Complicates Relationships Between Different Types Of Being

Please enjoy this heartwarming tale of interspecies communication that should serve as a valuable lesson to all of us on how to focus on our similarities rather than the things that set us apart. If that's not enough for you there's a squirrel eating a rose below.


And What Did You Accomplish Over the Holidays?

Any animal breakthroughs? Teach your squirrel to paint?


Squirrel Emphatic

Here you will find a picture of a squirrel with jazz hands.


Why Do Squirrels Masturbate?

Science, not persuaded by the commonsense answer of "because they can," has a theory about why squirrels masturbate: It's to avoid squirrel STDs. "A masturbating squirrel gets cleaner genitals in two ways – it scrubs the outside bit and flushes out the inside ones."


Squirrel-Dumping Epidemic Engulfs Canada

"Residents of an upscale neighbourhood in Ottawa have been spiriting unwanted squirrels across a river into Quebec province and dumping them there… Moving is stressful for anyone, but doubly so for these animals, as they are likely to be met in Quebec by angry squirrels defending their turf."


How To Talk Squirrel

Follow this handy guide and you too will be able to speak like the squirrels. [Via]


Squirrel Mischievous

Try as she might, even someone as skilled at the wacky animal beat as Dara Brown is cannot sell a terrible line like "No word if the squirrel will be getting detention" with any degree of authority. It's just a bad line. Anyway, check out that squirrel! He totally set off that fire alarm!


Squirrel Frenches Toy

Here you will find a picture of a squirrel making out with a plastic dinosaur.


Baby Squirrels Need You To Coo At Their Adorableness

Speaking of squirrels, this look at the high number of injured and orphaned squirrels that are the size of a human's palm (!) being brought in to the Empty Cages Collective was sorta heartstring-tugging — particularly the part that points out that "virtually all of these babies lost their parents to the perilous vagaries of animal urban life – cars, the destruction of habitats and rat poison." And there are not one but two photos of baby squirrels being fed by humans!