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Prince And The Computer Revolution

While we await the next credit bubble, and with it the circumstances that justify pursuit of my master’s thesis, "Metaphors of Technology in R&B," plz allow me to share some notes for the chapter "Prince//The Komputer."


Prince was an early adopter. He got down with l’ordinateur in the early 80s, and quickly established himself as a pioneer of romantic cybernetics. On this extended version of "Computer Blue," from 1983, we hear a Wendy (Lisa?) monologue around the 10 min. mark:

Narrow-minded computer, it’s time someone programmed you. It’s time you learned. Women are not butterflies, they’re computers too. Just like you, Computer Blue.


Chauvinistic computer, it’s time [...]


"Let's Destroy Everything": A Solstice Party Playlist

Don't you ever just want to burn down your house and run out into the street screaming, like because of capitalism and people and stuff, and what a terrible week it was? Here, we made a Spotify playlist for you for that'll help (thanks, "ironically," to capitalism and people and stuff).


The Gay Marriage Dance Party Playlist



The Delights Of 'Diamond Joe Biden: Vice Presidential Jams'

Show of hands for yes: did the internet turn on you this year?

Oh thank God, I'm not the only one. What in the world happened to the internet this year, you guys? The internet had, heretofore, been so delightful! Filled with all manner of fascinating learnings and point-and-stare characters and all those exclamation points!! Exclamation points for days!!! An embarrassment of exclamation points!!!!

It seems, however, that this year brought a new internet. A sullen one. A teenaged one, but without any of the fun teenaged antics like kegstands or unwanted pregnancies. This internet was all moderate-to-severe acne and monosyllabic responses.

There were, however, a few shining stars among [...]


An Hour Of Relaxing Music

Some days are long. Some Mondays are terrible. Some Mondays are long and terrible. Here, I made a playlist for you to listen to from a bathtub. Maybe bring a nice book! Some wine, if you're into that kind of thing. I personally prefer a decaf coffee with two aspirin. I like my blood extra-thin. Goodnight.