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Man Who Runs Website Will Answer Questions For You

"I run the website Splitsider and the associated comedy podcast network. In addition, I’ve been performing improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and elsewhere around New York City for years. You can see me pretty much every Saturday night at 10:30pm at the UCB East in NYC with my group Airwolf. I’m also a freelance writer who has worked at and written for such places as Gizmodo, GQ, Spin, Fast Company, Discover, Dvice, and others. Ask me anything."


The Laughs From Knifecrime Island

"So, with a heavy heart, and virtual-tarp to fend off any rotten fruit thrown my way, I present to you an incomplete and completely subjective breakdown of the best and most influential British comedy television." Up first: "The Benny Hill Show."


The Two Youngest 'New Yorker' Staff Cartoonists

Looking at the best work of Zach Kanin and Farley Katz, the youngest staff cartoonists in New Yorker history.


Two Click Minimum: Splitsider Is Here

And here we go… Ladies and gentlemen, Splitsider is live. Adam Frucci's new site-the first addition to what Publisher David Cho refers to as "The Awl Network"-is about comedy, comedians and all things funny in the age of the Internet, and it will appeal to anyone who has ever laughed at anything ever. It's a fine product and we'd be most pleased if you made a few visits, added it to your RSS, told your friends… you know, the whole bit. Thanks! See you there!


Comedy’s Favorite Comedians

Who are the best comedians out there right now? Splitsider surveyed members of the industry-comedy creators and producers-to find out who they look to when they want to be entertained. Some of these names will be very familiar to you and some you will never have heard of, but you'll want to read the whole list to see who landed where.

Image by Steven Dressler.