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Spider-Man Is A Lot Like Another Jewish Superhero

“Jesus is an awesome guy. When Pontius Pilate said: ‘They say you’re the son of God. If you’re the son of God tell me.’ Jesus was like: ‘I know who I am, bitch.’


Spider-Man, The Musical: The Movie

Man, everyone is taking shots at the troubled Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark production. This clip is actually pretty comprehensive, although I think what would be even better is if there was a wacky Taiwanese animated news video that was itself directed by Julie Taymor. Although God knows what the budget for that would look like.


Remember When "Spider-Man 4" Was A Movie That Was Going To Be Made?

Making for a busy first day on the job, Mike Fleming reports for Deadline|New York (so bi-coastal!) that Spider-Man 4, a movie that just this morning had John Malkovich tapped to play lead villain the Vulture, is now apparently not going to happen at all.


Men Who Feel Bond With Batman Studied

"Batman may be saving more than Gotham City. For throngs of devoted male fans, the muscular superhero may bolster body image too, according to a new study. Men in the study who said they felt a bond with Batman or Spider-Man also reported feeling more satisfied with their own bodies after seeing a picture of the muscular superhero, while men who felt indifferent toward the superhero felt worse about themselves."


Unemployed Photojournalist Seeks Employment

It's all who you know: "OUT TODAY – MAYOR BLOOMBERG, on the cover of a special Marvel comic book, 'The Amazing Spider-Man: YOU’RE HIRED!' The Mayor, Marvel Comics CEO Joe Quesada … and Spider-Man will unveil the full-color, eight-page comic book. The story features an out-of-work Peter Parker (Spider-Man), frustrated and at a loss about how to find a new job. A serendipitous meeting with Mayor Bloomberg, who tells him about the free job training and placement services available through the city’s Workforce1 Career Centers, helps to put him on the right track."


Julie Taymor Was Always The Wrong Superhero For 'Spider-Man'

Without vanity a writer's work is tepid, and he must accept his vanity as part of his stock in trade and live with it as one of the hazards of his profession.—Moss Hart, Act One

On Saturday, in downtown Los Angeles, Julie Taymor sat down with Roger Copeland for the much-anticipated closing keynote presentation of the Theater Communications Group's annual conference, before an audience of a thousand or so colleagues. Copeland is a big, charming, rambunctious man with about the biggest, bobbingest head you ever saw, wearing very thick glasses and, I think, no socks. He's a professor of theater and dance at Oberlin College, Taymor's alma mater, [...]


Goats Resemble Man-Spiders

Does anything say Friday better than a video of Italian goats grazing on "a virtually vertical dam wall" soundtracked to a modified version of the cartoon "Spider-Man" theme? I believe the answer is no. Enjoy!