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Youth Humiliation Spectacle Completed

What better predictor of pain than certainty? If you expect something to go wrong, or know, by constant reminder, that it always might, then you are too buoyant to ever reach the emotional seafloor. To obsess about this is depression; to merely feel it is adulthood. This is why the people sacrificed in the Scripps National Spelling Bee every year must be children: Because adult failure, mitigated by experience and lived disappointment, is no fun at all. Congratulations to Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe.


What Kind Of Speller Are You?

"Bad spellers are a breed apart from good ones. A writer with a mind that doesn’t register how words are spelled tends to see through the words he encounters — straight to the things, characters, ideas, images and emotions they conjure. A good speller, by contrast — the kind who never fails to clock the idiosyncratic orthography of 'algorithm' or 'Albert Pujols' — tends to see language as a system. Good spellers are often drawn to poetry and wordplay, while bad spellers, for whom language is a conduit and not an end in itself, can excel at representation and reportage."


Musicians' Names I Commonly See Misspelled on the Internet b/w Musicians' Names That, Weirdly, I Almost Never See Misspelled on the Internet

Musicians' Names I Commonly See Misspelled on the Internet

1. 2. Pat Benatar 3. Brandi Carlile 4. Belinda Carlisle 5. Andrae Crouch 6. John Fogerty 7. Bill Frisell 8. Ghostface Killah 9. Nona Hendryx 10. Susanna Hoffs