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Extinct Lizard Named For Current President

A horrible-looking lizard that died out 65 million years ago has been named Obamadon gracilis for President Barack Obama. Paleontologist Nicholas Longrich told the Boston Globe that scientists from Harvard and Yale decided on the name just before November's election. Longrich notes that "if the election had gone the other way, I would have yanked it."


Family Felidae, In Order

42. Flat-headed cat 41. Wild cat 40. Jungle cat 39. Domestic cat 38. Pallas's cat 37. Chinese mountain cat 36. Rusty-spotted cat 35. Bay cat 34. Bobcat 33. Jaguarundi 32. African golden cat 31. Asian golden cat 30. Leopard cat 29. Serval


Is The Legendary Chupacabra Just The Result Of Some Lousy Natasha Henstridge Movie?

Five months to the day that a biologist attempted to disprove the existence of the chupacabra—the mysterious, cryptid vampire that terrorizes livestock—skeptic Benjamin Radford has put forth a theory as to the monster's terrifying origins. Turns out some lady from Puerto Rico had gone to the movies in the period leading up to the first-ever chupacabra sighting.