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Flaming Lips, "It's A Sad And Beautiful World"

Your tolerance for this will be directly related to how much of the Flaming Lips' distinctive, uh, style you can handle over another person's tune, but anyway here is a cover for a Sparklehorse tribute album being put together now.


Mark Linkous, 1962—2010

Well, it seems like spring is actually coming. So that is good. But the news that Mark Linkous killed himself Saturday is terrible. If you've are familiar with his story (short version: he was depressed) and have listened to his music, which he recorded under the name Sparklehorse, this is perhaps not entirely surprising. He almost died from an overdose of Valium and antidepressants in 1996, and here is a video for a song called "Saint Mary" he released three years later that has the same world weariness you hear in the music of Elliott Smith. But the news arrives and reminds you of the commonplace, everyday sadness [...]