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Will God and the Founding Fathers Help Obama Stop Climate Change?

Barack Obama said more about climate change in his inauguration speech—and expressed it more forcefully—than he did at any point in the 2012 election campaign and during much of his first term [...] He made a carefully calibrated appeal to Republicans, situating a transition from fossil fuels to clean energy in a religious and conservative framework of God and constitution.

The Earth and its many forms of life were thrilled to hear the American president mark his second inauguration with a long overdue promise to save the planet from human ruination. Since the Frankenstorm made it okay for centrist Democrats (and a handful of moderate Republicans) to acknowledge that [...]


New Inventions! The "Solar Panel" Collects Energy

Scientists and energy companies were shocked yesterday when a new invention, the "solar panel"-so-called because, using cell batteries into flat panels, it collects energy from Sol-successfully powered the flight of a tiny, one-seater airplane. It traveled up to 78 miles per hour, and is expected, in the distant future, to revolutionize the oil and nuclear industries. Other applications of this new technology, said futurists, might be to power tiny golf carts and rich people's swimming pools.