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Where Did All the Good Internet Go? Vine, Probably

So something happens in the culture and you want to immerse yourself in it completely and immediately—say, a Knowles/Carter internecine conflict. Where are you supposed to go? Facebook is too slow and too dumb. Twitter is an overwhelming cascade of bad topical jokes and links; it will get you there, but it feels like work. Tumblr is great if you already know your way around and unapproachable if you don't. You can check all your popular culture websites sites for the roundups and updates but at that stage the magic has been stripped away. What are we supposed to do, Google stuff? No! Nightmare.

Here's what I've been doing [...]


Beyoncé, "Why Don't You Love Me?"

Perhaps taking all the Bettie Page references to her hairstyle in the "Video Phone" video to heart, Beyoncé has released a video for "Why Don't You Love Me" in which she plays the retro-pinup role to the hilt, complete with sexily staged household mishaps, a bit where she dusts… her Grammys, bubble-bath interlude, and shots of her smoking. (Gasp!) There is also, oddly, what seems to be an homage to Britney Spears' red-carpet outfit from the 2001 Video Music Awards. The song, however, is quite the banger, even if it was at first sabotaged by the abysmal sequencing of I Am… Sasha Fierce, not to mention the [...]


Solange Sings On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Brownstone Brooklyn's own Solange had an easier time than you'd think in all green everything last night (clashing prints, too!) as she sang her new song on the Jimmy Fallon show. Where are the Roots these days? On holiday break? I would like to hear Ahmir and co. play that jaunty little remake of New Order's "Thieves Like Us."


Solange, "Losing You"

Solange Knowles's new song is really good. The video for it was directed by Melina Matsoukas and filmed in Solange's Brooklyn neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. (Or Cape Town, South Africa, one of the two.) [Via]