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Gentrifying the Language of the Internet

Perhaps the recently erected Twitter glossary, designed to explain things like "retweet" and "favorite" to bewildered new users, is indeed helpful to someone (dads?). But to whatever extent it is a guide to what Twitter is, it's also a glass-and-steel-condo-like monument to what the Internet was, when some words meant other things, like "favorite," which was (n) a thing you liked more than any other thing, not (n) a hollow unit of social currency or (v) a thing that one does to remind another human that his or her life has some value to you that is greater than absolutely nothing.

Let's look at how some other [...]


Dairy Industry Takes Ever-Growing Milk Authenticity Crisis To The Internet

The National Milk Producers Foundation is fed up at all the fake dairy products out there — your soy milks, your rice cheeses, your muscle milks. So it's starting to agitate, asking the Food & Drug Administration to limit use of the word "milk" to what they call "mammalian lacteal secretions." (Yay, human milk is in the clear!) Too bad that the FDA has been ignoring lobbies regarding this particular semantic subject since the soy industry first petitioned them to be allowed use the term "soy milk" in 1996. So the milk producers are fighting to keep it real the only way they (or their interns) know how — [...]


Welcome, Facebook Jamal Ibrahim! You Have An Excellent Name!

Happy belated birthday, Facebook Jamal Ibrahim! You are a baby girl born last week in Egypt. Your parents named you, in honor of the role the social networking site Facebook played in your country's recent revolution. Your name struck me as strange at first. And I guess it is a bit strange. But the longer I sit with, the more I think it's strange in a good way, the more I like it. It's better than "Twitter," for starters, in that it won't be shortened to "Twit." And I actually think it will be pretty cool as you grow older. People will surely call you "Face." And [...]


Moneyster. MoneyBook. MoneySpace?

Oh, you social media, you! With all that Twittering, messaging and geo-locationing, you do, you must generate some kind of revenue-and, per the big business thinkers of Web 2.0, it has to be ginormous. There are 300 million Facebookers out there, after all, and while Twitter is still in the modest 10-figure range, it operates at a staggering rate of increase; a March study of social media usage found that Twitter users were growing at a monthly clip of 1382%. (I realized that anything was possible in the Twitterverse when I awakened to the news this Sunday that I had acquired Reaganite direct-mail guru Richard Viguerie as a [...]


Sudan President Fights Social Networking Protests With Social Networking

"The Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir has called on his supporters to use Facebook in order to overcome groups that are opposed to his rule. Bashir made the call during his visit to North Kordofan state on Tuesday where he inaugurated a power plant. Sudan official news agency (SUNA) cited Bashir as instructing authorities to pay more attention towards extending electricity to the countryside so that the younger citizens can use computers and internet to combat opposition through social networking sites such as Facebook." —Man, that's some quick co-opting! Just last month, protesters used social networking sites to organize demonstrations against Al-Hashir. Those demonstrations were quickly shut down by [...]


Is Alexa Chung going to be your MTV friend?

On Monday night, Alexa Chung, new in New York as of April 27, went to the Music Hall in Williamsburg to see some bands.

Her hair is growing in from last month's radical bobbing. Then yesterday she didn't do a fucking thing. Tired! She spent seven days here in early April looking for an apartment; she went out three days out with a broker, and partied down at the Beatrice Inn, if briefly, as she was thrown out for turning the lights off and on.