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Facebook Reveals the Future of All Media

Facebook! People use it a lot; therefore, publishers want to be a part of it. Everyone wants to know: How can our publication succeed in this strange new media landscape? How can we get Facebook users to come to our site, instead of all the other sites? Today, in a post called "How to Drive Referrals to your Digital Properties"—wait, no, it's just called "Drive Referrals to your Digital Properties"—Facebook posted some advice:

First, the basics:

1. Post frequently 2. Share links, photos, and a variety of content

Then, go native. Be social!

3. Upload videos to Facebook with a call to action 4. Create content with [...]


Remember Skywriting?

"Within the last five years, with social media such as it is, the customer can see how much impact it's making on the community. It's immediately posted on Facebook and Twitter and all over the place. That's helping us sell more skywriting these days."


Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Is Secretly Catfishing!

Dear Polly,

I am looking for a different perspective on my current relationship. I have been with my boyfriend for six years. I just recently moved in with him about four months ago. We have a pretty good relationship in that we hardly ever argue and still have sex fairly frequently, he makes me laugh, makes me feel safe, and I enjoy being with him.

A few months before I moved in with him I had discovered something disturbing and highly confusing! I found that he had a fake Facebook account. He had pictures of a young man and was claiming he was 8 years younger then he actually is. [...]


Is the Internet Dying? Let’s Go to the Cemetery and Pick Out a Tombstone

On a recent five-star November afternoon, I decided to visit Trinity Church Cemetery in northern Harlem. Starting at the plateau on Amsterdam Avenue and 154th Street, I followed the winding paths down through a kaleidoscope of autumn leaves and crumbling crypts, which, glowing in the western sun, appeared almost transitory. As one tends to do in cemeteries, I contemplated the end of all things. Lately, I had heard murmurs about “the death” of the internet, and though inclined to dismiss such speculation as a form of insipid nostalgia that often clings to any recollection of the past—and really, what is the internet if not an infinite collection of memories?—I [...]


The Big Secret Twitter Doesn't Want You To Know That Might Be Killing You

Do you like that Upworthy (Upchuckworthy!) style headline? It might promise quite a lot—but I'm going to deliver.

That's right. I'm going to tell you the one thing on Twitter that it seems like most people don't know. And it's bad for them. And the solution to it? Added bonus: it's bad for Twitter.

And I'm going to do it for free.

One unintended consequence of Twitter, and it's a real flaw baked into the medium—(Medium? No pun intended)—is that it's a fast stream. It probably wasn't in the first couple years! But now you follow 600, 800, 1200 people. Your Twitter stream is hauling ass.

And [...]


Llamas In New York City: What Is The Deal?

People share tiny narratives and enigmatic pictures on social media all the time. Sometimes that’s not enough for us. We like details. So we have to ask.

What we know: On August 15th, Lindsey Weber posted this picture to her Tumblr. What we don't know: Everything else.

Lindsey. So what happened here?

I was at Queens County Farm Museum up in Glen Oaks for a screening of the new Romeo + Juliet meets Bonnie and Clyde film, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, by 2011 Rooftop Films grant winner David Lowery. Rooftop set up this big screen (that looked like a bouncey castle) among some sunflowers, and right before [...]


Shocking Rich People Purge at Rich People Social Media Network!

A weekend of the long social media knives apparently just took place at rich people social network A Small World. The email excerpted above was sent to members this morning. The private social network, sold to Harvey Weinstein and then dumped by him, stopped taking new members back in February. Now they've purged their rolls of what were apparently troublemakers and/or poor people.

Meanwhile, over on A Small World founder Erik Wachmeister's new site, "Best of All Worlds," the interface is busy asking me what I am an expert in. Choices so far include "Art," "Philanthropy," "Farming" and "Hunting."

Do you know more about the A Small World shenanigans? [...]


Museum Innovates

Attendance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art reached a record high of 5.68 million people in its fiscal year 2011; it rose again, significantly, to 6.28 million in 2012. It fell, slightly, in 2013, to 6.2 million. Attendance numbers for fiscal year 2014 should be available in two weeks or so.

But, while attendance may be flat (or not! we'll see), have you checked out how many followers the Met has on Instagram?


Nation's Einsteins Have Opinions On 911 Call

The next time you are decrying the increasing level of stupidity our species seems competitive about displaying and someone says to you, "Oh, relax, people are actually getting smarter, there has never been a better time for human ingenuity and we are all wiser and more informed than ever before, why are you always such a downer, Alex?" you can point them to this "news" story, and I am not even talking about the story itself, you can just point them to the "social media reacts!" part. I mean, there's PLENTY of stupidity to go around, but if you're pressed for time the Twitter stuff will surely suit your [...]


The Right Way To Rank Boys

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, writer and @TIMENewsfeed editor Jessica Roy tells us more about an approach to assessing boys that she used in the eighth grade.

fyi boys according to my 8th grade diary "plays hard 2 get" is a PRO

— Jessica Roy (@JessicaKRoy) February 4, 2014

Jessica! So what happened here? I’ve kept a diary since I was eight years old; I’ve also been embarrassing myself in writing since I was eight years old. This photo is of a page from the diary I kept [...]


When Will New York's Hugging Epidemic End?

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask.

Executed maybe 20 hugs last night. Bit of over-under weirdness. Couple of is-this-a-handshake-oh-it's-a-hug things. Minimal suffocation. B+

— Amanda Hess (@amandahess) October 23, 2013

Amanda! So what happened here? I recently wrote a story at Slate arguing that people should stop hugging each other all the goddamn time. A hug with a loved one is nice. But when we outstretch our gangly arms to just about everyone, it becomes an awkward, impersonal display, and even—in the case of power-huggers like Lady Gaga—a personal branding exercise. Some huggers saw [...]


The Firehose Of Certainty

I recently finished a gig which entailed looking at and writing about the well-appointed homes of various New Yorkers, which made me eager to do something to make my own home more well-appointed. We have glass front bookcases in the dining room, which doubles as playroom for my two kids, and is also where I work. The bookcases are crammed with books and trinkets, and toys are everywhere; it’s a riot of visual stimuli.

I decided to buy some fabric to pin under the glass. I went to eBay, where I was drowning in options: an insane modern toile by Alizée Freudenthal, a graphic Greek key, a bright [...]


Why Won't You Racists Let Us Talk During Movies?

They—and "they" is two people—are calling it "Social Theater." It all apparently started with some guy at The Wrap, who called for designating "screenings as either ‘texting’ or ‘non-texting.’" Fine, sure! Let's have some texting-friendly screenings in our multiplexes, why not. But really it got rolling with former Googler turned V.C. Hunter Walk asking, fairly reasonably if hilariously, for a new kind of movie theater altogether: One where you could talk, text, Google, Skype and online bank as much as you like. Cool! You're a venture capitalist, make it happen. See you there, sometimes. (He's clearly thought this out: "Maybe even improve attendance during the day since [...]


The Real Weird Twitter Is Espionage Twitter

The concept of people typing Dadaist humor on Twitter has existed since Twitter got its first big batch of smart-ass users in 2007, at that year's SxSW. Twitter was suddenly the place to get breaking news on inconsequential online-media events. Also, it was full of banter and inside jokes and drunken jabbering. It became fun, because a lot of bored funny people now had a way to narrowcast every oddball thought to people who might appreciate that kind of nonsense.

Only last year did anyone refer to this as a certain thing, Weird Twitter. My own Twitter feed has always been weird, because I follow a lot of [...]


Internet Terror Cell Neutralized

twitter killed fyad

— dark triad tweeter (@bIoach) April 29, 2014

It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment that social media sapped all the vitality out of the big internet forums, which used to be the internet's most productive creative engines. But it feels like maybe 2010 was the year that the death spiral started—when it became clear that the people who were moving on were not coming back. Twitter and Facebook and Reddit and Tumblr and probably a bunch of apps I've never heard of are where the obsessive young internet people go to play now, for better or for worse.

Before there was Reddit, there [...]


The Dumb Things We Do On Social Media And How To Try To Not Do Them (Good Luck With That)

"There’s no doubt social media can make a number of work tasks infinitely easier. But it can also be a land mine of potential snafus that at best cause professional embarrassment — and, at worst, cost you your job." —My initial reaction was, "Huh, I thought I canceled my subscription to The American Journal of No Fucking Shit," but the more that I think about it the more that I realize these are lessons we need to learn over and over and over and no matter how many times we see them it is never enough, so sure, go ahead and add [...]


Velveeta's Online Presences, in Order

The worst thing about holiday travel is when the airline loses the one bag that contains ALL OF AMERICA’S VELVEETA SUPPLY.

— VELVEETA (@EatLiquidGold) January 8, 2014

8. VELVEETA, Pinterest

7. VELVEETA, Facebook


5. Eat Liquid Gold, Twitter

4. Eat Liquid Goldr, Tumblr

3. VELVEETA, Instagram


1. Eat Liquid Gold, YouTube

Edith Zimmerman is the founding editor of The Hairpin.


Here Is Another Way Social Media Makes You Suck

"Charities incorrectly assume that connecting with people through social media always leads to more meaningful support. Our research shows that if people are able to declare support for a charity publicly in social media it can actually make them less likely to donate to the cause later on."


How Are You Gonna Con People Into Paying You To Facebook Now?

"Social media managers, it could be time to find a new title."


Is Your Social Media Editor Destroying Your News Organization Today?

FALSE REPORT>>> RT@thematthewkeys: Just in: Suspect 2 on the ground at gunpoint.

— Mike Hayes (@michaelhayes) April 19, 2013

…perhaps if I was in a real newsroom with access to my work email, instead of shut out a month ago, I wouldn't be working out of a bedroom

— Matthew Keys (@TheMatthewKeys) April 19, 2013

"The important thing, I think, is to—as soon as you know something that you sent out is incorrect, you correct the record. And it's OK, I think, to make mistakes in these circumstances. You—everyone will make mistakes, and it's kind of almost impossible to avoid them." —Slate's social [...]