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You Are Too Dumb To Use Soap Right

"Antibacterial products have been shown to be effective at killing microorganisms in hospitals and other healthcare settings, and toothpaste with triclosanmay help people with the gum disease gingivitis, Halden said. But there's little evidence that these products are any more beneficial than regular soap for the general population, Halden said. This lack of benefit may be because people often do not use the products correctly: To effectively kill microbes, people need to wash their hands with antibacterial products for 20 to 30 seconds, but studies show people use the soaps for just six seconds on average, Halden said."


Robert Taylor, 1935-2013

"Robert R. Taylor, a serial entrepreneur who popularized hand soap from a pump, gambling $12 million to prevent competitors from duplicating it, and fragrances like 'Obsession,' which he advertised with artful eroticism, died on Aug. 29 in Newport Beach, Calif. He was 77."


Soap Gun Discovered

"A soap gun in the wrong hands, especially when dried, painted and of sophisticated design, is capable of deceiving and instilling fear." —A report from Her Majesty's Prison Service applauds the detective work of one of its guards, who, made curious by the large amounts of cleanser an inmate was making use of, discovered among his possessions a replica of a handgun constructed from soap. There is also, of course, this: "The plot emerged as jails across the UK were also warned to beware of boots with"—wait for it—"concealed knives that flick out…"