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Eh Snow

At this point in the game the possibility of another two inches of snow is something you kind of shrug at and then go about your business, right? You have internalized it now to the extent that you wake up each morning with the default belief that there will be snow falling, about to fall, or having just fallen. Winter is wound deeply within the fabric of your soul, perhaps never to be disentangled, and whatever you do for the rest of your life you will be carrying around the expectation that things will be cold and gray wherever you are because that's just the way life [...]


It's Time To Admit That This Winter Will Never Get Better

"A Saturday storm will dump 4 to 6 inches of snow over New York City, according to the National Weather Service. The precipitation will clear up by Sunday afternoon, but is expected to cause delays at airports." Even the [...]


Mayor de Foldio Bows To Yappy Upper East Pride

Well isn't that a fine how-do-you-do. Mayor Bill (hmm) apologized to Upper East Side residents and with a wave of his wand, caused snow to disappear. But then! The Post, unsatisfied with their shaming of yesterday, gets stupid people all over the city to complain. ("The streets should be clean already," beefs an annoying man who is crossing the street at 42nd and Broadway.) Jesus Christ people, IT WAS A ONE DAY SNOWSTORM, YOU'LL LIVE, SACK UP A LITTLE. When did everyone get so whiny about some snow? It falls from the sky! ALSO? Such misdirected anger! When did we stop being enraged at the MTA? Fight [...]


Britain Blows, Midwest Snows

Britain is a nightmarish hellhole where existence is a pitiless struggle in even the calmest of times, so it is heartbreaking to watch this remarkable footage of its wretched denizens forced to contend with heavy wind. Scroll down here for an even more remarkable graphic delineating the types of gust.


Superstorm Nemo Eats Half of North America

You're not going to escape this one. According to this NASA satellite photo, the best thing to do is buy ALL the booze and cigarettes and pizza and batteries from the very nearest bodega and then just hope to Christ that Netflix Streaming doesn't go out. But it will go out, along with the power.

In positive news, it will be very beautiful after the storm. Just be careful not to step on frozen people and frozen stray pets, under the foot or three of fresh snow. What are your storm-coping tips?


Remember That Time It Snowed Before Halloween?

And how was your nutso, record-smashing, disconcerting Snowtober? One hopes you weren't trapped on a diverted plane for seven hours or a victim of the (bizarre) Amtrak shutdown or one of the three million without power or, you know, one of the nine dead. Happy… Halloween?

Photograph by Rachel So


Who Likes The Snow In New York? Tigers, Monkeys and Bears

So, that was January, 2011 in New York: 31 straight days with snow on the ground. Thirty-six total inches—a new all-time record for the month! And there's more to come as February gets started. I've been hearing a lot of complaining about it from humans. But you know who you don't hear complaining about it? Tigers. Or monkeys.


City's Tabloids: More Like Mayor de Murderio!

CBS and the New York Post have had it with Bill de Blasio, who made it snow endlessly on our city and then had his wee caravan roll on through some stop signs in Queens. They also did some speeding. (The Daily News wood is hilarious.) No one has ever disobeyed the speed limit in Queens. New York's worst monster! The Post has this to add: "The mayor — who vowed a transparent administration — routinely holds secret meetings and keeps events hidden from his public schedule." Like he had a secret cocktail with Obama's keymaster Valerie Jarrett! This city is a monstrosity. Everything is in ruins. [...]


A Story Written Entirely In Snow

Shelley Jackson has been telling a story written in snow on Instagram for weeks now. (You would start from the bottom, obvs.)


Do NOT Use An Umbrella For Snow, What Is WRONG With You?

This is the winter people decided snow umbrellas were a Thing.

— Julia Rubin (@juliarubin) January 21, 2014

This woman is right: You are all doing this, and it is horrifying. I don't know why we don't use umbrellas for snow as we do for rain, but THAT IS THE WAY THINGS ARE and to act in any other manner is one more troubling sign of how our selfishness and lack of decorum is dragging us all down. For SHAME, people. Have a little goddamn DIGNITY.


Town Known For Getting Snow Gets Snow

Snow, snow and more snow! And that's just the voice-over. "This is winter's last blast of the year," says the reporter. "Or maybe not." It really makes you think.


This Year New Yorkers Will Have To Complain About LACK Of Snow

"It seems that the odds are stacked against snow in the five boroughs this year."


Cats in the Snow, Where Will You Go?

Ah, it's been a year since we looked at the evil monster people who throw their cats in the snow each winter. Well they're all still at it! Here are some sad videos—followed by soothing videos of cats enjoying snow. Those are very good! Wouldn't want to get too worked up on a Friday afternoon.


Anti-Union Story Melting Away

How does the New York Times express the sentiment of "bullshit?" It uses the words "more mystifying." We also would have accepted "snow job."


You're Gonna Get Wet

"Due to the amount of snow on the ground, warming temperatures and rain, Greater New Yorkers face a new set of winter hazards on Thursday. These will come from above and below in the form of black ice, slushy street corner puddles and chunks of snow and ice falling from buildings." —Yes, you will probably be soaked by some form of solidified moisture as you wend your way through town today, but just remember the classic New York City adage "If it isn't jizz, go about your biz" and keep moving. (Unless it is, in fact, jizz, in which [...]


Do You Remember The Before-Times Without Snow

A very lucky Setsubun to you and yours, and the Times points us on this snowy morning to the city's hilarious snow-shoveling laws, which include an exemption from shoveling snow if it is all frozen terribly hard, in which case you may cause your sidewalk to be "strewed with ashes, sand, sawdust." But more importantly: Q: Do I have to clear the whole sidewalk? My sidewalk is very wide!

A: No. You have to clear a path just “wide enough for pedestrians and to allow for wheelchair and stroller access,” the city’s Law Department said.

Q: Can I shovel snow into the street?

A: Please don’t. [...]


How Do You Want To Die Today?

• Slush-planing delivery bicyclist.

• Over-excitement.

• The rising up of New York City's ever-growing underclass.

• Ice skate to the face.

• Trampled by sleet-encrusted fourth-grade class trip on subway platform.

• Molten hot chocolate.

• Boredom.

• Snow sharks.


Before the Storm

Amy Jean Porter lives in the woods of Connecticut.


Yes, But What Would Our Galaxy Taste Like To An Alien Astronomer?

"The best description I can give would be that if you looked at new spring snow, which has a fine grain size, about an hour after dawn or an hour before sunset, you'd see the same spectrum of light that an alien astronomer in another galaxy would see looking at the Milky Way." —University of Pittsburgh astronomer Jeffrey Newman, on how, by looking through telescopes at other galaxies, he and his colleagues have determined the exact color our own would have from an outside perspective. But what if, say, the alien astronomer had stayed up all night tripping on mushrooms? Like, if he'd rented a house in Vermont with [...]


Yikes! The View out the Window from the Midwest

"But that was not the same snow," I say. "Our snow was not only shaken from white wash buckets down the sky, it came shawling out of the ground and swam and drifted out of the arms and hands and bodies of the trees; snow grew overnight on the roofs of the houses like a pure and grandfather moss…"

For some perspective on this view out the window: that shed is 7 feet tall.