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Poisonous Monkey Thing Found Somewhere, Is Already Endangered

A weird little primate with a poisonous bite has been discovered in Borneo. We are still finding new primates! Of course, the creature is already threatened with extinction. Nycticebus kayan is a new species of slow loris. It looks kind of like a little bear with a striped demon face. So cute!

But the new loris is already under threat from the Asian pet trade in part because its "teddy-bear face" make it attractive for illegal poaching, the team of UK and US scientists said.

So, animal trappers working for exotic pet stores in Asia found this new lemur-like venomous creature before the biologists managed to identify it. [...]


Yet Another Adorable YouTube Sensation Actually Predicated On Cruelty

"The only reason the loris isn't biting the person holding it in the video is because it has had its teeth ripped out with pliers." —Animal rights activist Chris Shepherd tells you what's really going on in those viral videos which show slow lorises—tiny primates native to Southeast Asia—being tickled and holding up cocktail umbrellas. While the clips seem awww-worthy, the reality is far more sinister: "Although the creature may look happy, it submits to being tickled as a passive defence-mechanism to deal with stress. The loris is a nocturnal animal and is effectively being blinded by the daylight in the videos. Disoriented, it grasps at the umbrella [...]