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28 Years with Weird Al

My Bubby and Zaydee came to visit from Florida and I couldn’t wait to share my all-time favorite musician with them: Weird Al. I sang every single song from his first two albums. I showed them the video for “Eat It,” which we had taped off of MTV. “Why do his eyes turn yellow at the end of the video?” I asked, having never seen the Michael Jackson video for “Beat It.” They were slightly confused. “Because sometimes people eat bad food and then their livers don’t work and so their eyes turn yellow,” Bubby said. “Don’t you love it?” I asked. I decided she must because she understood things [...]


Handicapping the Top 12 Boys of "American Idol"

JORDAN DORSEY—100:1 If you’re going to toss off your sportscoat on stage, there are a few rules.

Rule #1: Pythons.

Rule #2: Make the audience wait for it. Ideally, you should start off with something slow. Writhe around in the sportscoat to hint that the damn thing is about to get thrown off. Let the anticipation build and taper off, but not too much. Right when they let their guard down, you explode the fuck out of the coat and start humping the air. I’ve never been to a Ginufine concert, but I’m pretty sure he uses this method. Like he starts his sportscoated shows with a cover of [...]


Today Is A Good Day To Listen To Etta James Sing

Sad news this weekend that Etta James is dying of leukemia. Hers is one of the greatest voices for the singing of rock n' roll, if not the the greatest voice for the singing of rock n' roll, that anyone has ever heard. As evidenced by the above, February, 1966 performance from the TV show "The! Beat!" She goes first and last.


Is Mariah Carey's Voice Just Done For?

Making allowances that Mariah Carey was, in fact, at a funeral yesterday-"Sorry that I wasn't able to pull it together and really do it right,but I was literally choked up when I saw him there in front of me," she posted to Twitter-there's still a reasonable question to ask: is her voice damaged beyond repair? I was out with noted homosexual and vocalist Julian Fleisher this morning, and he was pretty much reeling in shock at hearing a legend-a bona fide legend, and one that is all of 39 years old-sound the way she did yesterday.


"Reality singing is the most noble gladiatorial competition of our culture"

"Why in these terrible times do we need a TV singing competition? Why do we need football? Why do we need to watch a bunch of guys in pajamas try to hit a ball with a stick? Reality singing is the most noble gladiatorial competition of our culture, with people fighting to the death not with rubber balls, but with song. Why does that upset you so much? We need competitive singing now more than ever." —"American Idol" expert Richard Rushfield has finally visited "The X Factor." (Interesting: "X Factor films on the same stage as American Idol, but whereas the Idoldome stage faces south (if you are standing [...]