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It's a Sign

It turns out that making a neon sign isn't so different from slicing fish: The people who how to do it properly are staring into the abyss of their own grave. (Good morning!)


Russia's Big Gay Weekend

"Arrived at the launch presser for an 'international project' promoting Russia as a haven for traditional values," writes GQ Russia editor Michael Idov this morning. "This is the sign out front. Good start!" More good news: "First person to be convicted under anti-gay ‘propaganda’ law arrested by his own parents."


I Saw A Double Rainbow This Weekend

I spent last weekend visiting friends in Marion, Massachusetts, a picturesque little town cut out of the mossy pine forests on the shores of Buzzards Bay, from which Cape Cod stretches out. It rained a lot, but Sunday evening was clear and breezy enough to blow the mosquitoes away, so we walked out to the water to watch the sun set. After a couple minutes of looking west, though, we turned our heads to the north and gasped and said "Whoa!" just like a certain resident of Yosemite, California I'm sure you're well familiar with by now. Because there was a rainbow in the sky. And [...]


Testicle Double Entendre Just Insouciant Enough To Avoid Designation Of Vulgarity

"'The whole idea of a signboard is to get people to stop, without being overtly crass,' said Brian Peck, manager of the Meatball Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, whose own sign read 'Spring For Our Balls' on Wednesday."


What Does The Lamb With Five Legs Mean?

A lamb with an extra leg was born on Easter Sunday at a farm in Northumberland, England. Named, "Quinto," the lamb has a fifth leg sticking out of the middle of its chest, between its normal front two legs. For some strange reason, it has taken a full five (5) days for video to reach YouTube, but it is finally here. She's cute! And thriving! The extra leg does not hinder her walking and she has become a tourist attraction. (Though it remains unclear whether or not she was featured in any of the "beastie shows" or bottle-feeding exhibitions the farm offered as part of its "Easter Eggstravaganza.") [...]


Arbeit macht found.

Good news! The stolen Auschwitz sign has been recovered! "Police spokeswoman Katarzyna Padlo told The Associated Press that the sign was found in northern Poland. She said police also detained five men aged between 25 and 39 who are being transported to Krakow for questioning." It's a Christmas miracle!


This Thing Used To Be That Thing

We walk about the streets of this city rubbing shoulders with ghosts, and sometimes they are raised up and flicker in front our eyes, wailing "Remember me," before they are condemned to disappear once again. Then the giant glass towers and frozen yogurt shops move in.


Ways Of Seeing Ways Of Going

"The segregation of public washrooms is one of the most basic ways that the male-female binary is upheld and reinforced. As such, washroom signs are very telling of the way societies construct gender. They identify the male as the universal and the female as the variation. They express expectations of gender performance. And they conflate gender with sex. I present here for your perusal, a typology and analysis of various washroom signs." She sure does!