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Tonight, New York City Crowns Its Best New App! But Will It Be the Racist One?

Tonight, Big Bill de Blasio awards the winners in the NYC BigApps competition. That's a project of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. With mentors and judges from many, if not "all" walks of life, this project is one of the few rare ways that New York City might actually help a small business, while also helping to improve the lives of New Yorkers, or even making the city a better place in general. Cash prizes go to the best apps created out of city data.

But Mayor Bill will be treading on dangerous ground. Will the judges set him up for a disaster? Because among some [...]


Man Acquires Money, And Then Houses

Today's least offensive Times op-ed (we can't even talk about this) begins like this: Just five years ago, Adam Fleischman was in a two-bedroom rental with his wife and their year-old son, fumbling around for a career that might stick. Screenwriting hadn’t worked out. Same for finance. He was 38 and, he told me, “It was do or die.”

Today he owns two houses here, one with six bedrooms and a makeshift vineyard out back. He said that he’s toying with the idea of a third in London.

That's about the founder of Umami Burger, but: it seems like that's all people can think to do when they [...]



I consider myself—and anyone else who has not yet chosen to commit suicide—an optimist, in the sense that continuing to wake up each morning is currently about the most significant contribution most of us can make in terms of betting big on life, but even someone with my upbeat outlook on existence has a hard time remaining positive in the face of all the reaction to the rumor that a new cell phone might be a special shade of shiny this time around. Good lord, people, look at yourselves. Whoever said this generation has no future and deserves none was totally underplaying her hand.


Housekeeper Skeptical

"Camp directors have discovered that a picture can be worth a thousand words to an anxious mom or dad. 'I had a parent say that although she spoke to her son and everything sounded fine…the housekeeper felt he didn't look like himself—he looked sad,' said Jay Jacobs, owner of Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, N.Y."


Yeah, Right, "A Sidewalk Description"

"Groh is the owner of Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop at 6030 Torresdale Ave., and if that doesn't ring a bell, here's the name it used until March 31: Chink's Steaks, a Wissinoming landmark since 1949. Seem familiar now? I doubt many, if any, of Chink's customers connected the name with a racial slur. The steak shop was named by founder Sam "Chink" Sherman, who got the nickname when he was a kid due to his almond shaped eyes. You can argue whether his friends meant it as an Asian slur or a sidewalk description. America was, rightly or wrongly, less sensitive about such things then." —It's a tough one, [...]


Iain (M.) Banks, 1954-2013

"Iain's more conventional literary works were generally delightful, edgy and fully engaged with the world in which he set them: his palpable outrage at inequity and iniquity shone through the page. But in his science fiction he achieved something more: something, I think, that the genre rarely manages to do. He was intensely political, and he infused his science fiction with a conviction that a future was possible in which people could live better — he brought to the task an an angry, compassionate, humane voice that single-handedly drowned out the privileged nerd chorus of the technocrat/libertarian fringe and in doing so managed to write a far-future space operatic [...]


The Hazards Of Traffic Reporting

"An earlier version of this post ["Here Are The Massive Boston Globe Web Traffic Numbers From Yesterday"] mindlessly used the verb 'explode' to describe the sudden rise in traffic. This was poor judgement on my part and I deeply apologize. "


Your "Vibrant" Economy Is Keeping Things Unequal

"If you want to live in a more equal community, it might mean living in a more moribund economy."


Woman Who Used To Be Little Girl Does Sexy Dance, Says Sexy Thing

Quick question: How many times are we going to watch the transformation of a former child star into a twenty-something taking charge of her sexuality and wielding it publicly, in part so that she can remain relevant in an industry where such an action is mandatory for continued viability, before we stop pretending to be shocked and decide to pay attention to something else instead? Hahaha, just kidding, the answer is obviously "as many times as it happens," because if we're still doing it at this point even after every contortion Britney had to undulate her way through for our sins, it is pretty clear that we can't stop. [...]


Dress Like Lady Whose Look Became Her Trademark (Also, She Has Some Tech Job Or Something)

"Marissa Mayer’s ascent up the corporate ladder and to the top of the tech world are enough to make her the mentor every working woman wants. But her uncanny ability to perfectly answer that age-old fashion question: What is work-appropriate? is equally worth emulating. During her early days at Google, she stood out not only as a star coder, but in her polished Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta separates, as a style setter in Silicon Valley. Her look became her trademark, setting her apart from the sea of hoodies and flip-flops that are so prevalent in West Coast tech world boardrooms. So, while this CEO of the moment [...]


Words Done

I guess we always knew that this was the headline we were all eventually going to end up with, but I don't think any of us thought it would happen so quickly.


What Do You Do To Keep People From Realizing How Stupid You Are?

This list of things British people have done to seem smarter includes "Re-tweeted a clever tweet," which, okay, maybe the bar is a lot lower over there. Because that seems kind of easy.


Third "Sex and the City" Movie Threatened

In this one, the first 40 minutes are just the ladies on a rooftop in Williamsburg, throwing rotten vegetables at the 20-somethings below. Then Miranda does a $12-million Kickstarter to fund her new boutique law firm. Charlotte fires her household staff. Samantha has sex with some men. Carrie, now single, writes a column for XO Jane and, whilst picking up her $45 check in the office, meets Lena Dunham and then goes home and hangs herself. Sounds good, can't wait!


Poll: Who Thinks Anthony Weiner Should Run For Mayor?

Jon Methven's This Is Your Captain Speaking can be ordered here.


The New Stop-And-Frisk

"This is going to turn out badly,” he added. “It’s going to be like Ray Kelly’s stop-and-frisk." —Can you guess what "it" is?


There Are Still A Few Low-Paying Jobs For People

"Supermarket checkout—a low-wage job that doesn't require much training—sounds like it should be similarly vulnerable to robotic invasion. But it turns out that checking out groceries requires just enough mental-processing skills to be a prohibitive challenge for computers. In that way, supermarket checkout represents a class of jobs that computers can't yet match because, for now, they're just not very good substituting key human abilities."


The Most Important Part Of A Promotion Is Asking "What Could Go Wrong" Before You Do It

"Twenty people were injured, with seven sent to hospital, when a promotional stunt in Seoul for LG's G2 smartphone went wrong, the company has said…. LG released 100 helium balloons, each with a free smartphone voucher, at the so-called G in the Cloud event, which took place in an outdoor park in the South Korean capital city…. Customers arrived with BB guns to shoot down the balloons and surged forward when they were released. One person carried a pointed staff to the event."


"Don't Sleep With Mean People" Campaign Raises Questions

"Baba Brinkman, a 'Canadian rap artist, writer, actor, and tree planter' based in New York City is spearheading a jokey campaign with a serious point entitled "Don't Sleep With Mean People." The idea is exactly what it sounds like: Inspire people to intentionally avoid sleeping with jerks…. Brinkman hopes to do more than sexually frustrate mean people into changing their ways; he actually wants to prevent mean people from reproducing, which would change humanity for the better, he says…. But, some internet vigilantes aren't too pleased. The idea has been attacked on all fronts: Isn't this eugenics? Will the project actually teach people about [...]


Chatty Contractor Saves Publishing Industry

"George Orwell's '1984' Sales Skyrocket in Wake of NSA Spying Scandal"


How Content Happens

"We've received many negative comments about the author using the marathon as an excuse for publicity. We first contacted the author ourselves, after we read about the book on, and invited him to respond to our questions and to write a blogpost. Also, we included a link to his book on Amazon as context to the story. He did not request these links or any publicity for his work."