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How To Work From Home With A Baby

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, Sad Desk Salad author Jessica Grose tells us about the travails of freelancing.

The heart break of a home office.

— Jessica Grose (@JessGrose) November 22, 2013

Jessica! I’ve been meaning to ask you about this one for a while. So what happened here?

This was the first time my daughter, who at that point was about 11 months old, realized that when I closed the door to my room I still existed. Or at least that was the first time [...]


Brooklyn-Inspired Font: Precious, Loopy, Totally Inevitable

Coming soon to the signage/official Web site of a tastefully designed vintage-shoe boutique or too-spendy coffee shop near you: Brownstone Sans, a Brooklyn-inspired font that "seems constructed rather than stroked with a pen" and is "subtly infused" with historical and cultural references to the borough that inspires superiority complexes like no other. You may not be surprised that there are also references to "DIY craft culture" in the materials explaining the font's whorly origins! [Via]


5 Quick & Easy Ways to Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem

We all want confident children, but research indicates that effusive parental praise can backfire. In one study, 80% of kids describe their parents' compliments as "not really true," "overblown" or "completely full of shit." Does this mean we're doomed to raise a generation of children who doubt themselves? Not if we stop praising them unnecessarily. Instead, parents should give their children truly daunting challenges that actually do warrant a flood of praise. For example:

1. Teach your child to do the Heimlich maneuver. Then, pretend that you're choking on a chicken bone. When your child "saves" you, thank him profusely, through tears. Be sure to tell everyone in the [...]


When Jeffrey Deitch Goes, What Will New York Miss?

"'It's a lot of kids in skinny jeans, black Keds and gauzy scarves. Big fucking deal!' said [Bruce] Hackney. 'You can go on the L train and see the same people!'" -Former art dealer Bruce Hackney explaining what will be missed when Jeffrey Deitch closes up his downtown gallery to move to Los Angeles to be the chief honcho of MOCA.


Thirsty Park Slope Moms Will Let Little Beauregard and Synesthesia Run You Down for Beers

"On one occasion, he said, a child on a tricycle collided with his friend’s leg." — Come on, people. Slutty Park Slope moms have to get their craft beer on somewhere, even when they don't have the nanny that day. Let them take the kids to Ted Nugent's son's Greenwood Park beer hall and have their affairs in their Volvos outside, they've totally earned it. Won't someone think of the children?