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Have YOU Made This Mistake About Sherlock Holmes' Residence?

"Re Mrs Hudson's Diaries: A view from the landing at 221b (In Brief, February 8): a mistake made in every post-Conan Doyle book, film and TV portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. 221 Baker Street was built as a large family house, but its function was overtaken by social change, and became economically viable only as sets of rooms, let floor by floor. 221b was thus the first-floor lodging of Holmes and Watson, 221a the ground-floor set of rooms, while the housekeeper, Mrs Hudson, lived in the basement. The house remained plain no 221.

NORMAN WHITE Castello 639, Venice." —This is why the letters section of [...]


Solving The 'Sherlock Holmes' Dinosaur Deficit Problem

A couple of issues back Wired had a short piece on the Asylum, a low-budget studio specializing in shamelessly derivative knockoffs that are not-so-affectionately dubbed "mockbusters." B-movie producers have been cribbing from Hollywood for decades, but none have done so as brazenly or efficiently as the Asylum, which for the past six years has churned out titles like Snakes on a Train, Transmorphers, The Terminators, The Day the Earth Stopped, and, of course, last summer's Transmorphers: Fall of Man.

Now Topless Robot points to the preview for their forthcoming version of Sherlock Holmes, which seems to be everything promised and more! Enjoy.


Famous Novels Take Two: Judging The Sequels

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When I was little, I had a typewriter my parents got at a garage sale for about three dollars, plus the cost in shoe leather of tracking down a place to buy those awful inky ribbon things. And, being seven or eight, I knew that there was no point in writing my own book, because it wouldn't be any good, so I instead attempted to copy out The Lord of the Rings. I never got more than a third of a chapter in, due to my belief that any typo [...]


Sherlock Holmes, Baker Street BADASS

So, uh, yeah, that Sherlock Holmes trailer? WHAT? I actually hope that the movie is a huge success, because maybe it'll encourage Guy Ritchie to turn his hand to other classics of English literature. Can you imagine his Mr. Micawber? "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result you get this GIANT FLAMING TORCH RIGHT UP YOUR BACKSIDE, MATEY."


Sherlock Holmes And The Adventure Of The Impudent Scholars

A nine-foot-tall statue of Sherlock Holmes stands outside the Marylebone exit to the Baker Street Tube station in London. Solemn and gaunt, Holmes looms over traffic in his trademark Inverness cape and deerstalker, pipe in hand. The statue, London’s first to its famous fictional denizen, was unveiled in 1999. It was primarily funded by the Abbey National Building Society, formerly of 219-229 Baker Street, which, starting in 1932, began receiving the thousands of letters mailed each year to Sherlock Holmes at his 221B Baker Street address. At one point, the society employed a full-time secretary to answer them. When in 1990, the Sherlock Holmes museum down the street (in [...]