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Sharon Van Etten, "Taking Chances"

There's all sorts of information on the inspiration for this video here, but watch and listen first before you go fill yourself in. It's pretty incredible on its own, even if you don't get the reference at first. (I know because I didn't. I'm ignorant, sorry.) Anyway, give it a go.


Say I'm Alright

So this is the story of how, this year, my friends pushed me in a big direction with the advice to go back into therapy, get back on medication and stabilize my life.

First, a little background: I have struggled with periods of intense depression since high school. In college, I began to seek help. After a period of prescription missteps, the diagnosis began to shift. What at first appeared to be depression complicated by anxiety issues revealed itself to be something else entirely: Bipolar disorder, with all its peaks and crashes. High clarity and uncontrollable energy followed by a plummet into days or weeks of utter despondency. I was [...]


Sharon Van Etten Just Going to Be the Latest Lady to Leave Us

I just don't know if I can commit to a new lady with a guitar again. I feel so burned, by the Tiffany Anders (she was going to save folk-pop!), the Gillian Welches, the Tara MacLeans, the Marit Peters… My God, Laura Veirs alone! Why did you leave me and go and put out a childrens' album, Laura Veirs? You used to write songs about heroin! So can I really do all this emotional work again, with Sharon Van Etten? Maybe, maybe not. I'll take a long look inside myself and see how strong I really am.