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Miranda Kerr Cares Enough To Carry You Through The Hard Times And The Dark Nights

The Miranda Kerr Waistline Fiasco—in which the Victoria’s Secret model instagramed a photo misrepresentative of her body’s true dimensions—shouldn’t have inspired yet another meditation about the prevarications of Photoshop. We all know about Photoshop—how it's used and what it’s capable of. We’ve all got Photoshop’s number. What The Miranda Kerr Waistline Fiasco should, and with any luck will, turn out to be is a watershed event about our culture’s new and exciting interpretation of the word “support.”

To recap: last week, Victoria’s Secret had a fashion show. Unable to participate, Kerr stealthily instagrammed a photo of herself from last year’s show and included the caption: 'Sending love and best wishes [...]