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New York City Bread Line, 2014

This was the line outside of the Madison Square Park Shake Shack at 10:30 a.m.; the fifth person in it arrived at 9:30. These people have been idling outside of a burger hut that does not open until 11 in order to procure an eight-dollar-and-fifty-cent cheeseburger that is topped with a shrimp patty and a paste made of fermented nuts and grains, designed by David Chang. History is sort of on their side: Yesterday's special Shack burger, topped with pulled pork, was gone by 1:30 p.m., leaving many to wonder why they had even bothered to be born in the first place. A few survivors stumbled [...]


Danny Meyer's Sales Pitch for His Restaurant at the Whitney

“When an artist can’t decide a name it’s untitled…. When the name is Untitled, it’s underlined. We are underlining it…. I thought it would be refreshing — make of it what you want. Put it on yourself. ‘I’m Untitled.’ Put it on a coffee. Every coffee has a big brand on it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just serve really good food and make people happy?…. We thought, Let’s do a New York farm-to-table coffee shop. Why is it that coffee shops aren’t that good with coffee?…. When was the last time you went to a coffee shop that cured and smoked its own bacon? Right here [...]


Shake Shack iPhone App Does Thing 11 People Desperately Need Done

There's already a Shake Shack iPhone app that lets you look at the burger joint's line via live camera, so you know before you go over there just how much bitching on Twitter you will do while waiting for a sorta decent burger in Madison Square Park. Now there is an app, we have been notified, called Shakedown (that is an iTunes store link! This is their website) that will sync with FourSquare (the fun/ridiculous/scary app that tells your "friends" where "you are") so as to ID your friends already in line so that you can therefore jump in and butt ahead of plebes who are not [...]


Cult Food Addictive

"Richie Scarpato, 25, a Yankees fan, had never been to Shake Shack but said it was a central attraction at the stadium. He had heard the story about the food poisoning but did not tell his friend, who stood by him in line. 'I wanted it so bad, I did not think it mattered,' he said." People want Shake Shack so desperately that they do not care that Mets first baseman Lucas Duda and Philadelphia Phillies Manager Ryne Sandberg, who lost six pounds in two days, may have gotten food poisoning from the Citi Field location. Tobacco companies wish they had that kind of loyalty.

(This may be, of [...]


The Peanut Butter And Bacon Burger: Putting A Heart Attack On A Plate Into Your Hand

Exhibiting the same sort of culinary restraint that it shows with its frozen custard flavors, New York's Shake Shack has introduced a $5.50 peanut butter bacon burger that pretty much is what it sounds like, i.e., a burger topped with lots of thick bacon and a healthy schmear of peanut butter. Whether or not this invention was necessary or (more importantly) is breaking any new ground in consolidating fat and salt and general tastebud-aimed decadence into one messy sandwich is up for debate. Although honestly, one would think that Shake Shack would be wise enough to realize that the Internet Bacon Fetishism trend was pretty much driven into [...]


This Month At Shake Shack: Custard Vomit Flavors

This month at the glorious Shake Shack in Madison Square Park: custard flavors assembled by a bored demon, intended to make you hurl. What gives? What could be next? Will October feature Ginkgo Balls and Avocado Rat and a strange new abstract flavor called, like, Unnecessary Sink Grime? Every one of these is DISGUSTING. I object.


Fast Food Caloric

Even though they come from the Danny Meyer organization and are made with premium ingredients, it turns out that the burgers at Shake Shack are still about the same amount of calories as similar, less prestigious offerings.


Wow You Guys All Went To Lunch at the Same Time?

Yeah, don't everyone go outside all at once. Enjoy your BURGERS.