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When A Man Shows You His Dick Pics On The Subway

dude slides right up next to me on half-empty train, holds his phone out, & starts looking at his own d*ck-pic selfies.

— claire howorth (@clairehoworth) December 4, 2013

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask.

Claire! So what happened here? Matthew! A penis, that’s what. A thingie thing happened on the way to the office.

I was headed uptown from an appointment, on the 2/3, somewhere between Chambers and 14th Street. It was just before 11 a.m., so the morning rush was long past, and the train was mostly empty.

I was sitting [...]


How to Shame Teenage Girls into Proper Prudeness

Slut-shaming, Australian PSA style! Prison Island's new PSAs against teen sexting relies entirely on convincing teen girls that they'll be ashamed for sending someone "intimate" pictures of themselves. Because of course society's totally innate values of guys being cads and girls being gossips are A-okay and just the way things are.


Sexting Is Natural Self-Selection

Of the 43 million U.S. citizens who are between 10 and 19, only about 3 million have received naked pictures from someone by cellphone, survey says. And only a million of them have sent naked pictures of themselves or took naked photos of others to send! All this talk about sexting and that's all that's going on? That's about the usual carve-out for "people who will never hold elected office or teach or be lawyers," generationally speaking, so no need to work about the sexting epidemic. This is why you're supposed to have 3 or 5 children, so a couple of them can drop out along the path [...]


A Model of How Apple's Anti-Sexting Algorithm Will Work

If only it were operational yet, Apple could have saved Tiger Woods a lot of anguish.


Scandals and Aftermaths

Delightful New York Post harridan Andrea Peyser does not disappoint today, after her bravura performance of wife-related questions at Anthony Weiner's press conference yesterday: "The gorgeous and furious Internet cuckold Huma Abedin refused yesterday to stand by her man. She did not show up to walk the plank of public humiliation, the way doormat Silda did for her whoremonger husband, Eliot Spitzer."

Meanwhile, elsewhere, if you feel like staying on with this story, because maybe you're lonely or you want to know how best not to perform your private sexy online chats, it's nice that the UK press is dealing with it as a "sexting scandal," and they [...]


The Repressive Sentimentalism of David Brooks

David Brooks is off to the sexting races today. He is claiming, in essence, that since we kids today do not date within the circles of our church socials and Maypole parties or whatever, and that we have no "social scripts" for getting sex and romance, and so bad things happen, and we are all sexting each other and constantly trading up for better sex parties and getting all degraded. This has some truth to it! There's two places where he goes hideously wrong. For starters: "Over the past few decades, these social scripts became obsolete. They didn't fit the post-feminist era." Yeah, your complaint about the uses of [...]