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Genetic Freaks Documented

A taxonomy of unsightly mutants is now "art":

Marina Rosso imagined herself as a “conservation geneticist” and created her own map of some four dozen varieties of redheadedness and photographed a specimen that expressed the traits of each combination — a green-eyed, curly-haired, short man of medium build occupies spot No. 39, for example. The result is “The Beautiful Gene,” a catalog of reds published by Fabrica, where people of the MC1R gene gaze directly back at you, almost in indictment, as though they know they’re being regarded like creatures in a zoo or steaks in a supermarket, and know that, given a choice, you would take [...]


You're Sad Because You Suck Because You're You

"Many emotionally sensitive people seem to dislike and even hate themselves. The reasons vary but seem to fall into certain categories: self-blame, negative self-attribution, believing myths, not living values, treating yourself as if you don’t matter and" realizing that, in spite of whatever good intentions you have somehow managed to retain while being buffeted by the basic brutalities of life you will one way or another hurt or disappoint the people who love you the most and then briefly consider the possibility that it's their own fault for choosing to love someone as worthless as you are in the first place before finally accepting the bitter reality that no [...]