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Maybe Thing From The '90s Will Work As An App

"The automated telephone service — once so popular that it was lampooned on “Seinfeld” — will be disconnected in about a month, before a planned reintroduction of the Moviefone brand by AOL and BermanBraun, a web and television company." [Audio via]


Larry David's Rough Night Out With The Aging Literary Lion

A column that resurrects the highbrow gossip of yore.

In the "Seinfeld" episode "The Jacket," which aired in 1991, Elaine recruits Jerry and George to join her for a drink and dinner with her father, Alton Benes. He’s a cranky old writer, distinguished but well past his prime, and he’s impossible enough that Elaine says she needs a "buffer" to spend an evening with him. (This comment might mark the moment when we all started using the word "buffer" in this particular way. "Re-gifting," "double-dipping," "low-talker"—in the lingo of the educated urbanite, all roads lead to “Seinfeld.”) Elaine ends up being late, and Jerry and George face some [...]


Unemployed Man's Aptitude at Nut-Opening Rewarded By Health Benefits

Since losing my job as an editor at a music magazine last year, I've been thinking a lot about what else I could do to earn a living. I have a lot of records and I can write pretty good and I edit okay with the help of spellcheck. But these things do not seem to be as lucrative in today's market as they might have been in the past. (They were never really that lucrative in the first place, I don't think.) More than once, I've had the conversation with my wife like the famous one from Seinfeld, wherein George and Jerry are talking about what kind of [...]


What is the deal with cum stains?

Here is a tale about a group of artists who faced adversity because of a commitment to verisimilitude that made creative compromise an unimaginable option. Fortuitously, a solution to their problems presented itself in the most unlikely fashion, resulting in a heartwarming denouement.


Back Before Masturbation Was The Hip Thing To Do On TV

"Today, masturbation on TV draws only a small kerfuffle, if that. Neither Sally Draper's prepubescent self-exploration on Mad Men nor her mom's passionate encounter with a washing machine caused much of a commotion, for example, and even Louis C.K.'s darkly funny self-gratification after a meaningful moment with a beautiful anti-masturbation activist garnered only mild surprise when it aired in 2011. But back in 1992, even the suggestion of a little solo sex was a big deal. Nine out of 10 of NBC's scheduled advertisers pulled their ads before the broadcast, and Seinfeld's writers and cast braced themselves for a backlash."


Eating Out At Four Of TV's Best-Known Restaurants

Holsten’s in Bloomfield, New Jersey ("The Sopranos") In the final episode of "The Sopranos," the family meets up at Holsten’s in Bloomfield, New Jersey, to eat (among other things) onion rings that are, according to Tony Soprano, “the best in da state.” Last year, for my birthday and shortly after my girlfriend Nadia and I finished watching the show—a time during which we lived and breathed all things Johnny Cakes and Ralphie—we rented a car and drove from Brooklyn to Jersey, with the simple goal of sliding into the same booth that Tony, Carmela and A.J. once shared.


Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

I'm sorry for wearing sweat pants to our first dinner date and for getting stoned before meeting your parents for the first time.


Viral Culture… Before The Internet

This story is from Punch!, an app for the iPad which you can download for free here!

The “Nyan Cat” video features a crude digital image of a cat with the body of a Pop Tart. It sails through outer space, leaving a rainbow trail in its wake, to the accompaniment of a Japanese pop tune, for three minutes and 37 seconds.

Since it was uploaded to YouTube on April 5, 2011, it has logged more than 78 million views. Mindless, repetitive, and catchy, “Nyan Cat” is a quintessential artifact of viral culture.

While we may associate such phenomena with the digital age, virality has been around long [...]


New York City Police Commissioner Told Me He Likes Enya

i am drinking a fruity cocktail inside Cipriani, a gala hall on 42nd Street that's about the size of a football field and decorated like a palace. mike is around here somewhere, interviewing the general manager of the New York Mets. tonight we are at an event that is hosted by the Police Athletic League to honor the organization of the New York Mets, who, as the security guard at work told me today, are one of the worst teams in professional baseball despite their enormous payroll. behind me, a heavyset man with a Queens accent and a haircut from Goodfellas walks through the entrance and admires the lavish [...]


"Curb Your Enthusiasm": Jerry Seinfeld Reconsidered

Did you watch "The Simpsons" last night? I did, and about halfway through I had a weird and difficult-to-categorize feeling that I was only later able to identify as shock that the episode did not entirely suck. I'm not making any claims for its greatness, mind you, but it was one of the few times in the last, say, ten years where I saw a new "Simpsons" episode and thought, Well, wow, that wasn't terrible.

Which brings me to "Curb Your Enthusiasm."