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They're Watching You On Email, On Reddit, On The Phone, At The Mall. What Are You Going To Do?

In addition to her work on privacy at ProPublica, Julia Angwin's Dragnet Nation is available today wherever booksellers are spying on you.


McNally Jackson



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You are being tracked. Besides comprehensive government spying, there are hundreds of data brokers compiling and selling information about you: Phone records, texts, phone location, computer location, web history, social networking use, background checks, credit history and now even entrance to some retail stores, with facial recognition linking you to your online data.

Julia Angwin, a reporter for ProPublica who was on a Pulitzer-winning team [...]


Dear America, Please Come Visit

Hey, America, howyoudoin'?

Hahaha, I kid! I know that's the sort of greeting so many of you associate with me, New York City, but I assure you I am much more classy and sophisticated than the impression given by the many television sitcoms and Hollywood exaggerations you have seen over the years. I exude elegance. I am, of course, the Greatest City in the World. You should come see for yourself!


Hacker Performs Live Airplane Hijack-Hack in Amsterdam

Security consultant Hugo Teso says he has spent the last four years analyzing airplane navigation and communication systems, and at a security conference in Amsterdam, he presented PlaneSploit: "a practical demonstration on how to remotely attack and take full control of an aircraft."

Yup, it will make you feel not good: "Teso used his Samsung Galaxy and a specially crafted app called PlaneSploit to demonstrate how to hack an airplane’s computer."

Write-up here; a PDF of his presentation is here. ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT.


Plush Toy Insufficient Proof Of Identity

To the frontiers of transportation security: "Police at the Twin Cities airport have stepped up patrols after an incident last night that ended with officers chasing a suspicious man holding a stuffed animal. The Airport Police Department responded to Delta Airlines' Building C after a Delta employee confronted a man and asked to see his ID badge. Police said the man responded by holding out a leopard-print stuffed animal and saying, 'This is all you need to see.'" He absconded before being apprehended, but police are on the lookout for a male suspect bearing a resemblance to a leopard-print stuffed animal.


How to Blow Through Airport Security for Only $100

This weekend the Times travel section wrote about frequent flier security programs, including TSA PreCheck—or, as the government likes to call it, TSA Pre✓™. Mostly it was just speculation from the writer: "I’m anticipating an expedited stroll through a special security checkpoint." Oh honey! Well, let me tell you about that expedited stroll, as a bona fide government-approved flying person who has now strolled security more expeditiously than can be believed.


Pentagon (Over)Spends $200 Million A Year Dealing With Hackers

The Pentagon-really, the "Department of Defense cyber command force"! LOL-will admit today that it has spent $100 million in the past six months dealing with hackers. Doesn't that seem inexplicable?