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Sebadoh, "State of Mine"

This is just a good, solid song matched with good, solid vocals that complement the words and in some cases enhance them. It is surprising how infrequently that happens these days. [Via]


Sebadoh, “I Will”

It feels like we were just talking about Sebadoh. (We were!) Boy do we ever have our finger on the pulse, because it turns out they've got a new album coming in September, from which springs this song. I like! [Via]


It's Lou Barlow's Birthday

Louis Knox Barlow has a non-significant birthday today (although I guess once you get up past 40 they all take on a certain degree of significance, what with the number of stops remaining on your trip to the tomb growing simultaneously smaller and more symbolic) but that's a good enough excuse to say we should all have a listen to this. I bet it's been a while.