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Seattle Ferry Heist Stuns Easily-Amazed Town

"Unbelievable, like something out of a movie," says the reporter covering the story of the homeless man who took a ferry for a joy ride in Seattle, which either says something about the shocking level of skepticism in the Emerald City or the low quality of film they get out west. Anyway, I woke up this morning thinking about the phrase "looky-loo," wondering if anyone used it anymore. I guess people do! Life's funny like that sometimes.


America's Tent Cities

"All over the country, in the last few years, police have moved in on the tent cities of the homeless, one by one, from Seattle to Wooster, Sacramento to Providence, in raids that often leave the former occupants without even their minimal possessions. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, last summer, a charity outreach worker explained the forcible dispersion of a local tent city by saying, 'The city will not tolerate a tent city. That’s been made very clear to us. The camps have to be out of sight.'" —"Homelessness is not a side issue unconnected to plutocracy and greed." Although don't remind Jersey gov Chris Christie about his plans [...]


Seattle, Childless Paradise

If you hate children, you might want to think about moving to Seattle.


Emerald City Panhandlers Support Local Girl Scouts

Never have I seen the ethos of an entire city so perfectly encapsulated by a 50-second segment of local news. Oh, Seattle. Don't ever change.


Death Cab For Youth: Getting Older With Former Sadsack Ben Gibbard

For my thirty-third birthday, my husband pre-ordered "The Barsuk Years," the Death Cab for Cutie vinyl box set. "That way you’ll only have the good ones," he said.

He said "good ones" with an uptick in his voice, almost as if he was asking a question. Neither of us can tell how much of the gift, or any part of it, is a joke. I opened up the box, and I laughed. I love these records. Or: I loved these records?

It's a time in music—or a time in music for me?—when the definition of Good Music has never been murkier. Are these the good ones? The idea of "good [...]


"The Bravest Woman in Seattle" Speaks

"For the past two years, I have been known as 'the surviving victim of the South Park rapes and murder.'" —If you have not been following this case in Seattle, here is the background, but I'm WARNING YOU: this is rough going.


You Can Pick Your President: Obama Takes Seattle

The guy from the White House advance team steps out of one of those crossover SUV things and at first I think he's the sort of awful D.C. jerkface who had to get his dad to call in a favor to stop him from getting fired from his summer internship for looking at porn during business hours, but once he leads us inside the gym (which is where the rally will be the next day) and I get a good look at him, I realize how wrong I was. This man is dreamy. He looks like he used to smoke pot very neatly out of a one-hitter and was [...]


Seattle Meteorologists Cope With Bizarre "Heat" Phenomenon

"I think there is something about the weather that reflects our natural awe of a natural world that is greater than us. People really enjoy a big storm. I think that all over the country, people are into weather. It's the number-one reason people watch the nightly news," says some guy in Seattle. We spent most of June bitching about the rain here in New York and making the obvious comparisons to the Emerald City, so I suppose it's only fair to note that it's very hot there right now! The temperature may exceed 100 degrees, which would be a record. Good luck!


SF Weekly, Seattle Weekly Latest Victims Of Alt-Weekly Newspaper Industry

Staffers and free-lancers at two West Coast alt-weeklies are nervously awaiting whatever unpleasant news comes with the sale of those papers to local conglomerates. Like all of the once-mighty urban weekly papers, the SF Weekly and Seattle Weekly are struggling to survive in a time when it's not at all clear what these kind of publications are supposed to do when all of their one-time informational and advertising monopolies—music and movie listings, sex personals, roommate ads, alternative news, restaurant reviews, anti-Republican ranting—have moved online.

In both cities, the one-time New Times and then Village Voice Media/Voice Media Group-owned papers will go to local publishers. The San Francisco paper joins [...]


Seattle Enthralled By Fancy Soda Machine

What to even say? There's more on this vitally important story here, but I am mostly surprised that they call it "pop" out in the Emerald City. I thought that was just a midwestern thing. Anyway… what a world. [Via]


Starbucks Will Make America A Great Wine Country

Close to home, in and around Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, is where Starbucks conducts its experiments. It's the home not only of their public test lab, "Olive Way," there's also the matter of those liquor licenses filed in the last year, and of the "Starbucks-inspired" 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea locations. Most media coverage still seems more concerned with the fancy new coffee machines and the slimmer-profile barista counters than the white elephant in the room: now Starbucks sells booze.

You'd never think of this elsewhere in the country, but the megatronic coffee company sells wine and beer, which feels to me about as likely as Ahab [...]


Horrifying Seattle PI Web Launch Party Astounds

This account of the launch party for, which is the website that used to be a newspaper in Seattle, is so horrifying. For just one thing, it's disturbing to find out that the editor of their site's most popular blog ("by a factor of 10") has a day job! What the fuck! They can't pay him a living wage? (Secondarily, his day job is installing software for a military contractor. Which means he works for Skynet.) Anyway, everything else about this party is so much worse!