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Cycle Relentless

"Summer arrives at 6:51 a.m. Saturday."


Time To Burn Everything You Own That Is Red

Good news for people who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy! According to the fashion department of New York magazine, "the color of the season is a deep, red wine: somewhere between bordeaux and burgundy," so you were going to have to replace everything anyway.


Autumn Appreciated

"You'd assume the waning light, the overnight frosts and morning temperatures hovering just above freezing would trigger sadness and regret. They do. But it's a peculiar kind of melancholy, one with sweetness and nostalgia mixed in." This dude really likes fall, and who can blame him, it is the best season.



The nights are getting warmer and it won’t be long until summer comes! No offense, but this current season of spring has pretty much been crappy and we are now about a groundhog-hair away from being done with it. Yeah, as soon as all this pollen stops killing us, it’ll be summer time, and I know there’ll still Global Warming, but I want to have an enjoyable summer, so I’m basically not gonna think about Global Warming this summer, even when it’s 120 degrees and the pavement is soft enough to claim a shoe! Don’t wear flip-flops out on those city streets, people, please.

This summer, the one that [...]