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No One Cares About Bloomberg Redux Lady's Memoir

"At McNally Jackson, a bookstore in SoHo, three copies were in the store, but none had been sold as of Tuesday, said a bookseller, Matthew Wagstaffe." —Bloombergian Mini-Me Christine Quinn's memoir has had a rough first week, selling 100 copies. Kinda hoping that's how many people vote for her.


2009 Guggenheims Announced!

The 2009 Guggenheims have been announced! Now is that time every year when you go through the list and say out loud, "That bitch got a Guggenheim?" But good news! This year, there's Alexi Worth, who also wrote for a good while the art gallery snippets in the front of the New Yorker.


A Joyful & Malicious History Of 'Schadenfreude'

In an interview with Martha Stewart shortly before her 2003 indictment, Jeffrey Toobin asked the visibly exhausted celebrity if she felt herself the victim of “schadenfreude.” He didn't expand upon the Germanism, and Stewart certainly didn't need it defined.

Schadenfreude? I asked. “That's the word,” she said. “I hear that, like, every day.” And she added, in her precise way, “Do you know how to spell it?”

While spelling the thing might be an issue, writers assume nowadays that when they say “schadenfreude,” readers know exactly what they mean. It’s defined as the “malicious enjoyment of the misfortunes of others” in the OED, which first included the word [...]


Schadenfreude Tastes Delicious!

"Scientists who study schadenfreude are learning that this secret happiness at another person’s loss has biological underpinnings. The feeling registers in the brain as a distinct form of pleasure, a satisfaction comparable to that of eating a good meal."