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Scarface, "No Problem"

"This shit is tough as hell," assesses Eskay of NahRight, and once again I can see no reason to disagree with his judgment. Enjoy.


Scarface, "Dopeman Music"

It might not be the absolute very best way I can think of to drive around Houston, Texas. (That might not be the absolute very safest link to click on if you're at work, by the way.) But if I do ever find myself cruising that famous suburban sprawl, I would be sure to cue up local rap legend Scarface as a soundtrack. The title track to his latest mixtape features B. James and Monk Kaza, and was co-produced by Seattle's Jake One, who has been doing such great work with Philadelphia's Freeway recently. Driving music always travels well.


Welcome, Facebook Jamal Ibrahim! You Have An Excellent Name!

Happy belated birthday, Facebook Jamal Ibrahim! You are a baby girl born last week in Egypt. Your parents named you, in honor of the role the social networking site Facebook played in your country's recent revolution. Your name struck me as strange at first. And I guess it is a bit strange. But the longer I sit with, the more I think it's strange in a good way, the more I like it. It's better than "Twitter," for starters, in that it won't be shortened to "Twit." And I actually think it will be pretty cool as you grow older. People will surely call you "Face." And [...]


Bun B, "Let 'Em Know," And Aging In Rap

The new song from Bun B really does seem, as the venerable MC says at the outset, to have been "a long time coming." It was produced by Gangstarr's DJ Premier, and so brings together two of hip-hop's very most revered practitioners. Bun and Premier are both from Texas, too, though Premier made his name after moving to Brooklyn in the late '80s. What's most interesting about the song to me today, besides the mesmerizing beat and the jaw-dropping rhymes ("When I get to gladiatin' on haters like Leonidas/Niggas just gonna have to admit that he the tightest…" Triple exclamation points) is how old these guys are. [...]