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Some Good News for a Change

"It's springtime on Saturn, and the hexagon is out."


NASA's Going To South Pole Of Moon Off Saturn For Dinner Tonight

"This flyby is primarily designed for Cassini's ion and neutral mass spectrometer, which will attempt to 'taste' particles from the jets. Scientists using this spectrometer will utilize the data to learn more about the composition, density and variability of the plume. The Cassini plasma spectrometer, which team members worked to return to service so it could gather high-priority measurements during this flyby, will also be analyzing Saturn's magnetic and plasma environment near Enceladus and sampling the plume material near closest approach." —Anthony Bourdain, the ion and neutral mass spectrometer on NASA's Cassini spacecraft laughs at you and your provincial palette.



Pictures of Saturn here! Go look!


Sense Of Humor Lauded

"Takeesha was particularly excited, especially about the rings of saturn. Honestly was not much different from anybody else who I have shown who is smart and curious. I found the reaction of the johns more interesting. They would slow down and just stare out their cars. Takeesha would shout at them, 'Hey, you want your dick sucked or you want to look at Saturn?' She has a great sense of humor that way."


Space Water Spouting From Saturn's Moon Means Space Water!

A moon off Saturn is is spouting water in such a way as to indicate the presence of, you know, a whole bunch of water. Cameras on NASA's Cassini probe (helmed by our favorite astronaut/rock star Dr. Carolyn Porco) first captured images of water vapor and ice particles shooting through cracks near the south pole of Enceladus, a small moon, about one-seventh the size of Earth's, six years ago. But physical samples of stuff, taken more recently with an on-board plasma spectrometer (I totally have to get one of those) reveal the presence of negatively charged water particles-usually evidence of liquid water activity such as crashing waves. [...]


20th Century Fox Co-ops NASA's Cassini Probe In Brilliant Marketing Strategy For "Prometheus"

If you thought the "Happy Birthday David" short was an ingenious bit of marketing for Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus, wait til you see this.


Dr. Carolyn Porco: So Much More Awesome Than Anyone

Keith Richards may have just been replaced as the no. 1 ranked coolest human being on the planet. Judging from a fascinating article in today's Science Times, Dr. Carolyn Porco, who monitors the cameras on the Cassini spacecraft, which has been orbiting Saturn for the past five years, seems pretty tough to beat.