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The Borowitz Problem

There's a new New Yorker website on the internet today, but one problem still hasn't been fixed: A good deal of that traffic can be credited to Andy Borowitz—the satirist and “Shouts & Murmurs” contributor whom The New Yorker hired in 2012 to anchor its newly introduced humor blog, and whose Boomer-liberal brand of humor regularly produces groans from younger, more web-native corners. According to Thompson, “The Borowitz Report” was responsible for six percent of all of’s traffic last year.

My goodness is it difficult for people to talk about the Borowitz situation! Which maybe explains how it has been allowed to persist for so long. The Borowitz [...]


"Unlike Bears, Twentysomethings Are Very Sad People"

This is the single most satisfying read of 2013.


Terror Comedy Closer To Completion

Chris Morris' Four Lions project is "all but shot" and will be completed "well before the end of the year." What is Four Lions? Morris' feature film debut is a comedy about suicide bombers.


The ClickHole Paradox

ClickHole, The Onion's new spinoff site, is funny. This wasn't a given! It's kind of a risky proposition, to make fun of a media just old enough to recognize but still too new to fully understand. The site is mean without coming off as bitter, it nails its tone. That is probably enough frog dissection: It is a good parody of the viral internet.

What it excels at now, though, is media criticism, which seems to be the source of what little backlash I've seen: How many times can you do the same list joke, or quiz joke, or Upworthy joke? But if you were to characterize The [...]


Hot Gadget News, by Joey, My Building's Porter, Who May or May Not Have Formerly Been An "Exotic Dancer"

From time to time, The Awl offers its space to normal, everyday people with a perspective on national issues. Today, we bring this special report on technology from one of my Murray Hill Gramercy-adjacent building's porters, who enjoys golf, tattoos, talking about sports with the doormen and who may or may not have been a "dancer" in his previous career. (As told to Choire Sicha.)

So wait, I talk into your iPhone, and then you post what I say? That is rad. Okay. Right, gadgets. Here we go. Shut up, Donnie! The other morning I was hanging around in the lobby, just passing the time, watching tenants come [...]


The Politician Full Of "Hot Air"

This cartoon caption, submitted by Lynn Tudor, of New York, N.Y. and then selected from a pile of hundreds and voted to the top by New Yorker readers, is deft political satire masquerading as daft political satire. The most dangerous sort of critique is that which the Powers That Be do not recognize as subversive, for it appears so facile. And Tudor, with this caption, makes herself nothing less than a modern-day Švejk, as she fights to expose the absurdities of a broken political system by pretending to believe firmly in its toxic conceits.

Tudor’s caption is, prima facie, incredibly (almost painfully) dumb. The expression “full of hot [...]


Guest Op Ed By Walt Fruttinger, Applebee's Franchisee

From time to time, The Awl offers its space to normal, everyday people with a perspective on national issues. Walt Fruttinger, an Applebee's franchisee, would like to address Rick Pitino's recent admission of a sexual liaison with a woman, Karen Sypher, who was not his wife, in a Louisville restaurant, after hours, on August 1st, 2003. Following the tryst, Mr. Pitino, who coaches the Louisville Cardinals men's basketball team, paid $3000 for Mrs. Sypher to have an abortion; then she married the team's equipment manager. Recently, Mr. Pitino believed Mrs. Sypher (who is now getting divorced) was trying to extort hush money from him. Mrs. Sypher claimed that Mr. [...]