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White House Petitions For Death Stars Now Require 100,000 Signatures

If you're thinking of starting a We The People online petition to force the White House to respond to some nonsense like "building a Death Star" or "declaring the Sasquatch a threatened species" or "bringing our barbarian gun laws maybe halfway up to the basic standards of 21st Century civilization," you will need more online friends to share your dream. As of now, White House petitions require 100,000 electronic signatures, which is a fourfold increase from the 25,000 required to make the Obama Administration do a cute response to the Death Star thing, even as the Obama Administration rains death from imperial robots upon the rebels (and [...]


Meet The Other Bigfoots

"The Canadian Sasquatch is essentially the same creature as the American Bigfoot, though it is claimed to be primarily nocturnal and a fast runner. Some say it steals food and abducts women – and men: A logger named Albert Ostman claimed that in 1924 while camping in British Columbia he was kidnapped by a Bigfoot family and held for nearly a week. Ostman suspected that he had been captured as a potential breeding mate for the young female Sasquatch of the family, but before he could do the dirty deed he escaped when the male elder choked on Ostman's snuff tobacco. Needless to say, Ostman offered no evidence of [...]


Bigfoot (Or Some Really Hairy Guy) Roams North Carolina

What with the constant clamor to deny the existence of the chupacabra, it's nice to know that at least people still believe in the sasquatch, and are making every effort to capture the creature's peregrinations on film.


Mountain Man Praises Bigfoot For Beautiful Hair

There is not a whole lot one can add to this local dispatch about a sasquatch sighting in North Carolina. I mean, one could, but one thinks it is pretty much perfect on its own.


Bigfoot Likes Candy

A man in North Carolina claims to have captured the first thermal image of Bigfoot, whom he lured into camera range with a candy bar. Also, Bigfoot breathes heavy like Darth Vader. (You would think a Chewbacca comparison would be more apt.) What's most amusing about this clip is the way voices of the reporter and the Bigfoot-searcher keep interrupting each other. It's like an Aaron Sorkin movie or something. [Via]


Bigfoot Is Real

He was last seen wandering around the outskirts of Bexar County, Texas. Might Bigfoot have headed down south after spending the fall in Minnesota? That's the speculation amongst the international community of Bigfootologists after a game trail camera set up by some hunters near Remer, MN, captured this almost undeniable proof of the Sasquatch's existence. He is out there, people.