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Our lives with the "stupid masses of people out there that are on that fuckin’ social media"

In a new interview over at Wag's Revue, Sandra Bernhard discusses The Terrible Stupid Horrible Way We Internet Now.

Honestly, because of the Internet, because of people’s stupidity, because of people’s either fake political correctness, or the right-wing fake concern about people using language that they would use in their bedroom (but in a derogatory destructive way), it’s not even worth saying certain things anymore because you just don’t want it taken out of context, and you don’t wanna defend it because the minute you have to start defending it, that means you’re explaining your work, and the work that I do can’t be explained, and I don’t wanna [...]


The Future IS Now

"I think everybody knew how prescient the film was even then. It really kind of predicted, to some extent, in a much more intelligent and sophisticated way, where we were heading culturally, and how much people would do to garner fame. Even Rupert Pupkin, in his own demented way, at least had some sort of craft. He had written material and wanted to be a stand-up, even though he really wasn’t that funny. As opposed to now, where people will, as themselves, get to have shows by just being whoever they are: basically obnoxious drunks, whores, and miscreants." [...]


Ladies That Laugh at "Fat People Falling Down"

BARR: What makes you laugh?

BERNHARD: Well, it's really a myriad of things, but usually it's something that's very organic. It's something that happens on the street.

BARR: Like fat people falling down?

BERNHARD: No, no… [laughs]

BARR: That really cracks me up. It's terrible.

Roseanne Barr and Sandra Bernhard, ladies and gentlemen.