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Salman Rushdie Still Miffed At Cat Stevens For That Whole "Calling For His Death" Thing

Dear Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, this is who you're inducting tonight. Congratulations. @YusufCatStevens @RollingStone

— Salman Rushdie (@SalmanRushdie) April 10, 2014

And you thought putting KISS in there was the outrage.


Who's Not Dead Today?


— Sonia Gandhi (@SGandhiCongress) September 7, 2012

Told that Rushdie death tweet is fake. Apologies. #sigh

— Joshua Green (@JoshuaGreen) September 7, 2012

Today, Salman Rushdie is not dead. YET.


Zeitgeist Captured

"2011 is likely to be remembered as the year when Twitter won near-universal acceptance and Mr. Rushdie’s entrance on the scene captures the zeitgeist."


Top Chef Seasons, In Order Of Quality

I am still watching Top Chef! I watch it despite the egregious product placement ("Boy, these Toyota Rav4s have so much trunk space!" "I've got an idea! Let's fill it up with the Glad® family of products."), despite the reliance on reality show tropes, despite the fact that probably every other season is actually terrible television. I love it, even the terrible seasons. I think about the show after it airs. I like putting on old episodes in the background while I cook. I have Thoughts on which contestants went home too early, which challenges were the best and which were the most offensive, culinarily speaking (that'd be season [...]


Correction Offers Stark Reminder Of Everything That Is Wrong With The World

"An article on Saturday about reactions to Kim Kardashian’s announcement, after 72 days of marriage, that she would be divorced misstated, at one point, the surname of a prominent author who wrote a limerick about her in Twitter messages. He is Salman Rushdie, not Rushie."


The "Retrenchments and Narrowings" of Salman Rushdie

Some of his most egregiously uncharitable moments occur when writing about his four marriages….In a close-run contest between Marianne Wiggins (number two) and Padma Lakshmi (number four), it is the latter who emerges as the worst of the spousal bunch. Rushdie presents her as the Marion Davies to his William Randolph Hearst—an erotically beguiling but fundamentally vapid gold digger, whose selfish ambitions as a model, actress, and TV host have, in the end, “nothing to do with the fulfillment of his deepest needs.” The final revelation of her shallowness comes in the wake of September 11 when Rushdie, grieving and shaken and feeling the need to connect with [...]


Hobbits Keep Getting Older

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