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The Best New York Stories From Marc Spitz's 'Poseur,' Mapped

The new book by music critic Marc Spitz, Poseur: A Memoir of Downtown New York City in the '90s, out this week from Da Capo Press, is a wistful, candid recounting of Spitz's struggles with career, love and drugs as he made his way into adulthood. The memoir's also enjoyable for its many anecdotes of downtown New York during the 90s, the time when Chloë Sevigny was coming off Kids, the actress Adrienne Shelly was the reigning indie queen, and Bennington graduates seemed to be everywhere. Spitz's anecdotes about the actors and musicians he meets have a wayward namedropping charm—they also, all together, form a fascinating portrait of the [...]


It's a Very Spooky Ryan Adams Halloween

Some days I think the Internet is the downfall of civilization and then hilarious things like this happen. Our erstwhile videogame reviewer and theme-song writer may be on endless hiatus, but he's still got it, baby. (And there is a new album, dontcha know.)


Thing To Do Tonight in New York: Paintings!

Tonight is an Awl columnist's art opening, at the Morrison Hotel Gallery on the Bowery. Look how sleepy he looks in that picture! He was up very late working on something special. There's a book signing and an auction that benefits Housing Works, all between the hours of 6 and 8, at 313 Bowery,and also: fun.