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The Internet Highway Metaphor Is Dated But Let's Stick With It Anyway

"While the plan is meant to prevent data from being knowingly slowed by Internet providers, it would allow content providers to pay for a guaranteed fast lane of service. Some opponents of the plan argue that allowing some content to be sent along a fast lane would essentially discriminate against content not sent along that lane." Under the FCC's proposed new rules for internet service providers, data sent via the non-fast lane isn't slower, it's just less fast.


When You May Wear a Button-Down Shirt

"Button-down" is the most misused word in men's clothing. A button-down, you know, is a men's dress or "business" shirt which has collars that are each secured down to the front panel of the shirt by… a button! Shocking, I know. But we have become confused however with the button-front shirt, which nearly all men's office-type shirts are, as they have buttons as well, just down the front, not at the collar-tips, and also the popular phrase, "button-down culture," which technically means a culture of uniformity. (And when I say "dress shirt," I do not mean the shirt intended for use in formal evening wear, or what we would [...]


The Plot to Kill the Last Remaining Bodegas

Governor Cuomo's teen fun task force, which was created with a $147,000 grant from the NYC Department of Health to the State Liquor authority, has completed its first mission: The team visited 74 stores (not bars) across the five boroughs, 32 of which sold alcohol to underage decoys.

BAD WORK, bodega adults: In total, the undercover minors were able to purchase alcohol at 32 of premises visited, including one out of 15 stores in the Bronx, 15 out of 16 stores in Brooklyn, 5 out of 21 stores Manhattan, 8 out of 16 stores in Queens, and 3 out of 6 stores on Staten Island. During the investigation, [...]


Tie-Wearing Cat Makes Good Point

This should be required reading for anyone who is about to post an image macro to the Internet. I mean, it wouldn't change anything, but it would at least make people stop and think for a second before they went ahead and cheezburgered. And maybe in that second they would lose their wifi connection or get distracted or something. It's worth a shot.


How To Bring A Bike On The New York City Subway

1. Don't.

2. If you have to ride the subway, everyone else comes before you. It's known as yielding.

3. Is it rush hour? Don't bring your bike on the subway.

4. "But I just have to ride the train during rush hour!" Then only outbound in the morning, and inbound in the evening. Otherwise, you're an incorrigible imp. And you'll probably get a ticket.

5. At the turnstile, signal the MTA attendant in the booth by waving your arms wildly and gesturing to the gate (is there no booth at the entrance? Go the hell back upstairs and enter at a booth station entrance), swipe your Metrocard, spin the [...]


Your Pervy Apps May Still Not Run Wild In The Apple Store!

Apple came up with a crazy idea-it's going to make the guidelines for iPhone and iPad app approval public! Nuts right? "For the first time we are publishing the App Store Review Guidelines to help developers understand how we review submitted apps" is how Apple put it. But bad news too, because here's the part of the guidelines: "'Apps containing pornographic material, defined by Webster's Dictionary as 'explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings,' will be rejected." It's crazy that the technology of the would-be future refuses to allow the present to catch up with [...]