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"Lone Survivor" is Making People Crazy

This week just keeps getting better. #fml

— Keith Uhlich (@keithuhlich) January 10, 2014

"If I were the surviving soldier, I'd come for you!" -Letter to Time Out New York critic Keith Uhlich

First, the crazy people threatened critics.

Then the crazy people took to the comment threads:

"What an asshole review. The body count on the afghan side? It sounds like if you had to pick between shooting the guy that wants to harm you or hugging him, you would choose to harm him. These men choose to let the unarmed goat herders, regardless of how hostile they appeared, to go free. [...]


Gypsy Crime Nation Seeks Solution For Gypsy Crime Problem

Hungary's incoming prime minister, Viktor Orban, went on a little victory lap and ended up in Ord, where a third of the population is Roma. (Orban, as you well know, is the Fidesz guy; the formerly youth-driven fairy-liberal democrat party swung the other way some time ago, and the conservative group has 263 of the 386 seats in the new parliament. Also, the Jobbik party, which can safely be described as "nationalist," now has 47.) So what's the problem in Hungary? Mostly GYPSY CRIME.


Iran's Leaders And Candidates To Have Friendly Chit-Chat Get-Together

"The Guardian Council, one of Iran's top oversight bodies, said Thursday it would invite the country's three unsuccessful presidential challengers to a meeting to discuss the contested weekend elections." Uh oh. You can imagine how that "meeting" ends. (The Council is calling the meeting "extra-ordinary." Yikes.) Let's hope they meet in a room with a drain in the floor. Also because: "At the same time, security agents rounded up three more prominent figures affiliated with Mr. Mousavi."


Sell Some Stocks Now, Say Rich People

There's big profit-taking market moves during the mini-rally! CEOs and chairmen are selling the holy bejeesus out of their stocks. For one, Jeff Bezos cashed in for $65 million on Amazon-somewhere near 1% of his Amazon stock holdings-and then sold some more, three days later.


7 Things To Expect When Getting off Zoloft

Many patients will find after a course of treatment that they are ready to stop taking Zoloft® (sertraline HCl), or that Zoloft may be contraindicated for a new medication. What follows is a list of common side effects of Zoloft withdrawal in their usual order of appearance over time, to allow doctors and their patients to be aware of the implications.


Is It The Duty of Every Enlightened Female To Put Out?

And now let us bring Sex Offender Week to a close. Did you enjoy talking about manhood and TV and the music and the bros? Well, don't run off yet, here is one parting thought on the matter of contemporary gender relations!

"The last few decades have left us so profoundly disoriented about the most urgent personal matters–gender roles, sexual norms, the possibility of creating lasting romantic relationships, not to mention absolutely everything to do with family structure–that it's no surprise to find people embracing a theory that promises to restore order." -William Deresiewicz, "Adaptation: On Literary Darwinism," The Nation, May [...]


Air France Flight 447 Had "Radical Muslims"

Noise? Or signal? Only time will tell! On crashed Air France flight 447, "two names on the passenger list are also on highly-classified documents listing the names of radical Muslims considered a threat to the French Republic." Now, statistically speaking, surely at least a few people were on some government's list for something….


'Babies' Gets Brutally Panned

Have you experienced the horror that is the film Babies? Maybe you shouldn't, writes Christine Smallwood: "Breasts are everywhere, hovering like an overwhelming weather pattern. A crisis erupts when one child won't suck. The mother responds by grasping her nipple and dribbling milk all over the baby's face. There is no escape, for the baby or for us; the camera is in extreme close-up, the entire screen filled by nipple, face, milk…. The film functions like a bizarre visual seminar in object relations theory. The mothers, alas, never emerge as whole persons."


The Military and the White Power Facebook

I've always wondered what it's like to have what they call White Pride. I mean, I understand people who like the Gay Pride, and the Black Pride and the East Asian Pride, and so when I think about it casually the White Pride doesn't sound so crazy? Though I always get hung up on what is the "white," since you know: were you white 100 years ago, Irish person, for instance? And the whole way "pride" veers into "supremacy" is more than a little troubling (less so when it is coming from the gays, because, ha, not so scared of them). So it is, yes, upsetting that US Soldiers [...]


Unemployment Trends Since 1989: Really, Really Bad

New unemployment numbers this morning saw 637,000 new initial jobless claims last week. The number of people collecting unemployment nationally is now at 6.56 million. Disturbing: the number of those who are "long-term" unemployed (perhaps briefly) surpassed the number of short-term unemployed. These numbers do not include those of us who are working part-time, or have given up on filing for unemployment. But what does the jobs and income situation look like in context of the last twenty years? The last twenty years of employment, through April 1, 2009, expressed as percent change year-to-year.