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Soul-Crushing Anguish Of Television-Watching After Midnight Acknowledged

"Is there anything lonelier and more depressing than watching Roseanne late at night when you can’t sleep?" —This terrible truth was buried in the back of Jonathan van Meter's recent Julia Louis-Dreyfus profile and I thought its horrible honesty deserved better than to be hidden under a bushel.


"Menopause is the victory lap over the curse of being born female!"

After menopause, I discovered the joy of drinking wine, and of sinking deeply into writing and time alone. These things replaced the sex drive I had thoroughly cruised down as a youth, exploring one dead end, detour, and unpaved dirty road after another. I have refused to take the libido-restoring male hormones constantly proffered me by this culture and Suzanne Somers and her hordes of apologists and postmenopausal cougars…. I am old now: gray, wrinkled, tired, and bloated, and my joints ache, too. But I am ready to come into my full destiny—as my childhood dreams predicted—as a Neo-Amazonian Pirate Queen of my own vessel: firing cannonballs at [...]


Roseanne v. Jamaica Kincaid, Round 403

@motherjones she's actually a repugnant classist who quit the NEW YORKER in protest whn I ws invited 2 guest edit it-confusd me/ TVcharacter

— Roseanne Barr (@TheRealRoseanne) February 3, 2013

Among the top ten feuds that will always be entertaining to me: Roseanne Barr v. Jamaica Kincaid.


Roseanne's Homemade Hot Sauce: Do You Think It's Great?

"She would set up a booth and sell her homemade hot sauce at the local farmers’ market, which shuts down the street on Thursday afternoons." —I keep forgetting to ask if you've read this story on Roseanne and, among other things, her time living in El Segundo, which, if you are not a citizen of Southern California, you would not know it is a sleepy and weird little suburban neighborhood nestled just in the armpit of LAX! (And is wedged between a giant oil refinery.) But: HOMEMADE HOT SAUCE. What do you think it's like??? I am so intrigued.


"Roseanne" Or "Frasier"?

Part of a series: Two choices—which do you choose?

Two 90s sit-coms, and at first glance they couldn't seem more different. "Frasier" is set in a fancy apartment with panoramic views of a Seattle that bears little resemblance to the actual Seattle in Washington; "Roseanne," in a linoleum-sided house in a nondescript southern Illinois town that could be anywhere in Middle America. "Frasier" is about the wealthy; "Roseanne" about the working class. However, both programs tell stories of families grappling with the strange social (implicitly political) changes of the decade—and both carry with them the fumes of 80s class tumult. "Roseanne," which debuted in 1988, unspools like a [...]