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Ice Cream Expensive

"Welcome to the historic centre of Rome, in the year 2013. It was here at the top of Via della Vite, just off Piazza di Spagna, that four holidaymakers from Birmingham nearing the end of their six-day trip to Rome bought the ice creams with the nasty after-taste. Four 'wrap-around' cones 'with two wafers and three flavours' cost €16 each for a total of €64." —I dunno, I might pay $20 for an ice cream if it meant I was eating it in Rome. I mean, probably not, that's just crazy, but in the scheme of things there are a lot of less palatable options.


Defending the Cats of Rome

"Why go after the cat ladies and the veterinary hospital that has brought life to the hapless, ugly, hopelessly false Largo Argentina rather than pick on the big developers who have done real damage?" —Wait, did you also miss this the other week, about the battle over cats in Rome, and also fascism, architecture, sexism, machismo, politics and everything else? It's amazing.


Say Hi To Pope Francis: Jorge Mario Bergolio, Anti-Gay Activist

There's a new pope! UPDATE: IT IS … uh, it's in Latin. Francesco something? JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO. The world will not end after all, unless this latest Last Pope is the real Last Pope. There was white smoke, some inexplicable cheering, and then it was all over.

So … he's one of the oldest (the oldest?) cardinal there. He is an ultra-conservative Argentinian. And, after walking out and looking confused, as old men often do, said some terrifying thing about how he will bring about the End of the World. What's the translation here? No, he's from the end of the world. He's a time traveler. He came here [...]


Italian Policemen Dress Up Like Gladiators For Undercover Sting Operation

"For the police operation officers dressed up as gladiators themselves to infiltrate the gangs. Other officers, disguised as dustbin men and members of the public, took part in the raid. They came to the rescue of colleagues who were set upon by angry gladiators. Police say the arrested men came from seven families, and were working with five tourist agencies that control the market for guides at the Colosseum. They had divided up tourist sites such as the Colosseum, the Piazza Venezia, and St Peter's Basilica, according to police, and were defending their territory with violence." —Some lucky policemen in Rome just got to take part in the best [...]


The Pope's Twitter Handle Is @Pontifex, and He Won't Follow You

The biggest buildup in history to the 90-second process of signing up for a free Twitter account has now come to an end, as famous World War II German soldier and anti-gay marriage activist "Pope Bendict XVI" finally has another Twitter account. His name, on Twitter, is @pontifex, which is a portmanteau of … who knows, something about "penis." All the good Twitter handles are taken. Where's your god now, Joseph Ratzinger?

We tried to find this new account, @pontifex, by searching on Twitter. But it doesn't appear to exist, yet? Maybe it's not "live." Pope's got to roll out slowly, we suppose. So he doesn't [...]