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Man Owned

“I consider Roger Ailes to be one of the most fascinating, consequential figures in contemporary American life. I wrote this book to shed light on the full scope of his talents and power, which have found their fullest expression at Fox News.” Ya burnt.


What an Improbable and Bizarre Roger Ailes Profile!

I was looking forward to learning about Why Roger Ailes Hates America as per the title of this Esquire profile but unfortunately the answer was not forthcoming, or perhaps a few thousand words of bizarre overwrought writerly tics prevented me from finding out.


The Last Two-Newspaper Town in America Means War

As of today, Philipstown, New York, is a two-newspaper town. Like all such things, it's already gotten ugly: "This week, news of Gordon Stewart’s [new] paper spread around town. On Monday afternoon, he received a phone call from Doug Cunningham, the editor of the Putnam County News and Recorder. 'He was so wound up,' Stewart said. Cunningham wanted to know if there was a liberal conspiracy behind the paper involving the local Democratic politicians, or the Hudson Valley Land Trust, or 'the Facebook guys,' referring to Chris Hughes and his partner Sean Eldridge, who own an estate in the area." Oh Lordy.


Jake Tapper Will Not Stand for Holocaust Jokes

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Going off twitter. Let me know when the liberals joking about the Holocaust (in response to Ailes' comments) stop. All of it is awful.less than a minute ago via TweetDeckJake Tapperjaketapper

People thought it was funny/crazy when Fox News honcho Roger Ailes said today that NPR executives are "the left wing of Nazism." (Related! Now would be a good time to remind everyone that NPR's federal funding [...]


Could Roger Ailes Have Told Someone To Lie?

"Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes, Urged Employee to Lie, Records Show," is how the New York Times headlines a story about how Ailes "encouraged [Judith Regan] to lie… to federal investigators who were vetting Bernard B. Kerik for the job of homeland security secretary" because Ailes feared word of Regan's affair with Kerik would damage Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign (a feat that Giuliani proved quite capable of handling on his own, as it turned out). The whole thing is a bit of a trip down memory lane (I mean, when was the last time you thought about Judith Regan?), but, really, couldn't that headline just as easily apply [...]


Ailes/Palin in '12 Please!

You know who is not a palatable candidate for President in 2012? Roger Ailes. The Fox News honcho, who has an "aggessive, winning personality" according to Politico [sic], has neither of those three things. He is basically the Giuliani who swears more. I really hope he runs!