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Röyksopp & Robyn, "Do It Again"

Memorial Day weekend doesn't really start until…. 1:30 in the afternoon tomorrow? Yes: That is the time at which your already diminished presence at work will become an active detriment to your employer. It is the time that you should come up with an excuse to leave—any excuse, because it is also the time after which all managers will lose their ability to doubt what would, in other contexts, be obvious lies. For repeat listening until that moment: A short new album from Robyn and Röyksopp ("Röyksopp and Robyn"), streaming here in full.


Robyn, "Call Your Girlfriend"

It has been a LONG TIME since we have had some Robyn up in here. That changes now. Enjoy! [Via]


Robyn Covering Bjork in Front of Bjork


Listicle Without Commentary: 21 Songs That Prove 2010 Has Been A Startlingly Good Year For New Music So Far

21. Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris, "Baby"

20. The Vaselines, "I Hate The '80s"

19. Fantasia, "Bittersweet"

18. Wye Oak, "Emmylou"


The Best New Thing You Haven't Heard Of This Week: Seth Colter Walls and Maura Johnston On The New Newness, Strange Jazz, And The Semi-Return Of Hole

Seth Colter Walls: Maura, has it been a good first third of 2010, music-wise? What were the highlights? And what depressed the shit out of you? Maura Johnston: 2010 has actually been a great year for music. So far! And there's more to come!! Seth: Really? Because I've felt slightly… underwhelmed. (Though I'm glad you are confirming that the rest of calendar year 2010 is still to come.) Maura: Well, I know the whole existence of the future has been a cause for worry recently. But I am optimistic!


Neneh Cherry, "Out Of The Black"

This one may be a little too spare to burn up the Internet in the way you'd expect of anything associated with Robyn, but boy does it ever deserve to. Neneh Cherry! [Via]


Robyn, "When Doves Cry"

What is the most challenging song to cover in the history pop music? Prince's "When Doves Cry" might get my vote.


Showed Up: Last Night's "Mega Secret Private" Robyn Show

Seth Colter Walls: Mary, thanks for inviting me to the "secret" Robyn concert in TriBeCa last night! Mary HK Choi: Pshaw bro. It was absolutely my pleasure. Seth: Don't fucking bro me what to do! Mary: Here bro. Drink this. Seth: So it wasn't actually that big of a secret was it? Was it a radio contest or something?


Some Day We'll All Shut Up About Robyn But Not Today

I know how insanely annoying it is when everyone likes something and won't shut up and you're like, "Wait, what? Am I supposed to like this? I don't know if it's for me? What are you all blathering about?" So, if you're tired of everyone going on and on about Robyn, that's understandable. But let the man explain it to you from the beginning: "Robyn's new album, 'Body Talk Pt. 1,' provides eight handsomely formed, near-perfect pop songs that are embedded with a casual kind of feminism." Yes, and me, I like it because it's easy to imagine that Prince secretly wrote all the songs.


Robyn, "Dancing On My Own"

The Swedish electropop star Robyn will release her first album in five years, Body Talk Pt. One, in June. This is very exciting news for people who like smart dance music by android-embracing ladies! If you are one of those people, or even if you just want to hear a great (if tear-inducing) song, you should check out the mournful electro track "Dancing On My Own," the latest track to leak from the album. Like many of her best songs (exhibits A and B), it is plainspokenly heartbroken in such a way that makes me want to give her a hug.


Robyn Still Awesome

Swedish pop star Robyn appeared on Saturday Night Live on Saturday, to remind us that we should not forget that her "Dancing On My Own" is one of the, say, five best songs made by anyone in the past five years. She wore some crazy gear, sort of like that S&M-looking harness thing Tupac rocked in the New York Times Magazine in 1996, and danced just as well as you ever have alone in front of your bedroom mirror, and helpfully put the Twitter icon on her twin drum kits, as an extra little hint to spread the word about how awesome she remains. She also played "Call [...]


Robyn, "Indestructible"

Here's the sexy new video from the excellent and beloved Robyn. I like the song okay (it would be hard for any artist to maintain the ridiculous heights she achieved this summer with "Dancing On My Own.") And the chorus not as much as the verse, which cribs the melody from Supertramp's "The Logical Song" (which does make a certain kind of sense when you think about it.) Sadly, Supertramp seems not to have made a video for "The Logical Song" when it came out in 1979. But here's singer Roger Hodgson performing it last year with a full orchestra.


New Robyn Video: "Hang With Me"



Robyn, "Dancing On My Own"

All I am going to say about the video for "Dancing On My Own," the sadness-on-the-dancefloor epic by the Swedish pop enigma Robyn, is that it very nearly moved me to tears (twice!) with its simple, yet elegant depiction of the noisy despair spelled out by the song's lyrics. Emotions! Seriously though this track, which appears on Robyn's upcoming mini-album Body Talk Pt. 1 and which was apparently inspired in part by Ultravox, is one of the best things I've heard in all of 2010, perhaps because it is a bit of a gut-punch every time the first chorus kicks in.