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The Year In Cheating

2012 was the worst year ever for infidelity in America. I know that because I am American, and in 2012, my boyfriend cheated on me. Not only that, my boyfriend cheated on me and I had to recover from it in complete anonymity. Robert Pattinson, cheated on by Kristen Stewart, was invited to unpack this experience on "The Jon Stewart Show." I was not. Someone shot a video of Scott Broadwell in his darkest hour, after his wife Paula's affair with General David Petraeus was revealed, walking with somber solidity to his brother-in-law’s house, while Paula gripped his arm with an assuring sense of ownership. No such video exists of [...]


It's Never Too Early For A Courtney Love Joke

According to the Sun, Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame has been cast as Kurt Cobain in a biopic of the late Nirvana singer. Good for him! It's nice that he'll finally get to star in a movie where the female lead is the vampire.


"Smut, Please"! The Fabulous Online Universe of 'Twilight' Fan Fiction, in Which Edward and Bella Get It On and On and On

The exhibition hall in downtown San Diego was divided by sex. By dawn on the second day of Comic Con-this was back in late July-the men figured out they were beat. Hundreds of young girls had spent the night camped out on the sidewalk and so they packed the first 50 rows of the 6000-seat convention room. The unmoving estrogen division-girls in plastic fangs, clingy tops and body glitter-sat patiently through the morning's promotional panels for disaster movies and action hero sagas. But the girls began to screech and jostle as their obsession approached: Twilight.

When the star of the young adult Twilight movie franchise, Robert Pattinson, finally took [...]