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Rhye, "3 Days"

Earlier this year we ran a video by Rhye that made me think, "Oh, band to keep an eye on," and then, as is sadly so often the case these days, I promptly forgot all about it, to the extent that, this morning, when I listened to this one and thought, "Wow, that's terrific, I want to know more about this group," and Googled them and found my own website as one of the results, I was like, "Good Lord, it is time to put yourself out to pasture, old man. Why do you even bother anymore? You're pathetic. People are right to despise you. No one would [...]


Rhye, "Open"

I like this song from Canadian/Danish soul duo Rhye, which will open (hey now!) their debut album, Woman, when it arrives in stores next month. I like the horns especially, and the voice of singer Mike Milosh, who is a man who sings high and breathy like Sade or Beth Orton. The new video for it (a second one, after a more explicitly sexual, but not as good one that came out last year) is very nice to look at. But it's confusing. Do the couple we're watching love each other? Do they hate each other? Isn't it much, much, much too cold to be outside [...]