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The Adventures of Not All Men

Have you met NOT ALL MEN? I'm sure you have! If you read a news story that mentions gender and then scroll to the comments, you will meet NOT ALL MEN. If you mention sexism on Reddit, you will meet NOT ALL MEN. If you post material that remotely relates to social justice or activism on your Facebook or Twitter, you will not only meet NOT ALL MEN but find yourself in a disorienting argument with them.

Not all men shout NOT ALL MEN, but ALMOST ALL MEN have at least thought: NOT ALL MEN. Jess Zimmerman explains: “Not all men” also differs from “what about the men?” [...]


U MAD??? Evgeny Morozov, The Internet, And The Failure Of Invective

Internet, yay! Internet, oh no!—surely, it’s obvious by now that there is as much reason for hope as there is for fear from our technological future. A rational and nuanced criticism will seek to define our true circumstances, identify dangers, and encourage beneficial progress. Thus far, however, tech critics have tended to extremes, either for or against the Internet: wringing their hands á la Nicholas Carr (The Shallows), or busting out the pompoms in the manner of Jeff Jarvis (What Would Google Do?). This simple-minded stuff will no longer do. It's into the vacuum of a powerfully felt need that contemporary theorists like Evgeny Morozov and Jaron Lanier have been [...]