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Man Sorry

Nearly half of the total rentable apartments in New York City are rent stabilized, which means what it sounds like. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who appointed six of the nine people currently on the board that approves rent increases for these not-quite-a-million rent-stabilized apartments, believed that rents for one-year leases should be frozen this year. Because like, the rent is too damn high and everyone is moving to Ridgewood, since I mean look at these numbers and then these numbers or just about any numbers covering rent and the economy over the last five years.

Neither the fact that de Blasio vocally advocated for a [...]


Welcome To The New American Housing Bubble (In Coastal Elite Cities)

"Most of my buyers are averaging four offers before they have one accepted," my new real estate agent in the Bay Area said yesterday. "It can be an emotional and stressful time."

Probably! And especially if you're moving from a still-depressed housing market, which is roughly the area between the Eastern Seaboard and San Francisco. But, as NPR is reporting as I type these words, the American housing market (in the coastal elite cities) is "fast changing." From causing the collapse of the Earth's economy just five years ago to a breezy NPR feature about an insane couple putting in offers at 2 a.m. after driving by a new [...]


First They Came For The Renters

"The average rent in Los Angeles County fell almost 4% in 2008 as apartment occupancy rates dropped and new units came online. The decline should continue this year as more renters lose their jobs."


Up Down

"Brooklyn Rents Rise While Manhattan Gets Cheaper, Report Shows"


Go Buy a Book in the East Village

The lovely St. Mark's Bookshop is hoping for a $5000 reduction each month in their $20,000 monthly rent—and they expect to perhaps hear from their landlord, Cooper Union, today.

A reduction of $5000 a month! Why, that's all of 250 purchases at a (very low) estimated average purchase price per customer of $20. (That would be eight customers a day.) I would describe that as a harrowing view into the store's finances and costs.


Rent High

"New York City's renters already wrote the nation's biggest checks to their landlords, and in the third quarter they got bigger. The average monthly rental rate climbed 0.9% from the prior quarter—and 2% from a year earlier—to $3,049, real-estate research firm Reis Inc. said in a report to be released Tuesday. The national average is $1,073. The city is the only one of the 79 markets tracked by the company to have average rents topping $3,000."


Understudies! How 'Rent' Taught Us All To Be Different

Let's examine the centerpiece of Rent, the Up With People On The Fringe-esque routine that closes the first act: "La Vie Boheme" is a tribal chant heralding any and all things counterculture. It's "We Didn't Start the Fire" from the perspective of East Village artists. It's a list of everything that you need to know to be hip. There is a song by King Missile called "It's Saturday" that opens with the line, "I want to be different, just like everyone else I want to be like." This sentiment is the heart of "La Vie Boheme." The number embodies an unembarrassed need for self-expression and a yearning for [...]