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Chief Keef Finds Rehab Disagreeable

I am not sure why they bothered with "a story" or "actors" for this one, but since I am having kind of a down day and was sorely in need of a smile it actually worked to my advantage. I am still giggling a little.


The Rich Rehab Differently, Like by Hugging Horses

Celebrities flock to Sundance, Utah, of course, to flaunt their Q ratings and take the measure of the great entertainment imperium in the heady mountain air. But the rich and famous are also notoriously inclined to get a little too heady when left to their own devices-and Sundance also has the perfect setup for that dilemma, reports Fortune writer Claudia Wallis: the Cirque Lodge, "the rehab center du jour for those who can afford to go anywhere"-where rates top out at $1,595 a day for a minimum 30-day stay.