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Red Cafe, "Ice Cold"

Once this one gets started there is not a whole lot of sonic variety to be found, but the sounds that are made work just fine for me. Plus, this fellow is from Brooklyn and, fairly or not, we give extra credit to the locals. [Previously]


New Rap Song (And Its Complicated Roots): Red Cafe, "I'm Ill"

How rap builds itself on itself: Brooklyn MC Red Cafe has a new song out called "I'm Ill." I like it. But not everyone does. (The Pigeons and Planes website says "This track might be Mr. Marty Mediocre's favorite new song." Ha! Marty Mediocre must hang out with Plain Jane McLame and Norman McNormalson.) The song is interesting, though, at the very least, as a study of how production trends work. The beat is built around a vocal sample of Jay-Z saying "I'm Ill" on a record he released last year called "A Billie." "A Billie" featured Jay rhyming over the beat from Lil Wayne's hit "A [...]