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The World Is Full Of Trash

Adam Minter's Junkyard Planet, new this week from Bloombury Press, is available from all sorts of places:

Barnes & Noble

McNally Jackson


Your local independent

In addition, Minter is appearing tonight, November 13th, at 6 p.m. at the New School.

It's a book one might call “a lifetime in the making.” For the last dozen years, Adam Minter has lived in Shanghai, writing about the global scrap industry, the fortunes it created, the lives and environments it's ruined and how its fortunes paralleled those of the pre- and post-crash global economy. The result is Junkyard Planet, [...]


Preserve Your Precious Memories On Old Doody

"We're taking material which is of little productive use and turning it into something functional, and useful and conveying a message of sustainability. Our product conveys hope and the possibility that if you can take something like poo and turn it into paper without cutting down trees, what other things can we do to chip in and waste less and consume less." -Alternative Pulp and Paper founder Michael Flancman touts his company's Poo Poo Paper, a collection of "stationery, journals, photo albums and other paper products [made from] elephant, horse, cow and panda dung."


Did You Remember To Compost Your Thanksgiving Garbage?

The most environmentally ethical way to deal with the waste of Thanksgiving feasts is to go to somebody else's house or a restaurant, so you can "let others worry about it." But millions of us who hosted the holiday dinner are now left with the additional work/guilt of doing something with all the rotting containers of increasingly gross five-day-old leftovers in the fridge.

The EPA says that "food waste" is now the "largest component of municipal solid waste being sent to landfills," at more than 33 million tons per year. That's good, because it means that recyclables like cardboard and aluminum and plastic are no longer the bulk of stuff [...]


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Say, that's cool. The medals to be awarded at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver will be made out of melted-down electronic devices. Maybe the folks running the Rio Olympics in 2016 can make theirs out of police helicopters?


Gulf Oil Spill: Still Going, But Your Hair (And Your Pet's) Can Help

Investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened to trigger the natural-gas explosion last month that led to a massive — and still-going — oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. So far the finger is being pointed at a series of events that included a decision to prematurely remove some heavy drilling lubricants from a pipeline, a directive that came down from the well owner, BP. (The "we love the environment" full-page ads that will result from this debacle should be a doozy, huh.) In the meantime, do you or your pet have extra hair? Do you feel like it should go to a cause [...]